Dog Happy Events

We are dedicated to creating dog happy moments and think that meeting other dogs and their lovely owners is the perfect way to spend the day and have some fun. Browse our calendar below to find dog friendly events and shows across the UK, as well as details of shows the Laughing Dog team is exhibiting at. We think there is no better way of spreading our message to bake the nation 100% dog happy than touring the country!

Find shows local to you on our events calendar and add to your doggy’s diary.

Our Dog Happy Motto
  • Paws in the Park

    19/05/2018 - 20/05/2018

    Enjoy a weekend packed with superb arena displays and entertainment, exciting dog activities to try such as fly ball, canine search and rescue, and dog agility, plus there is also shopping for your four legged friends.

  • Great Global Greyhound Walk

    10/06/2018 - 10/06/2018

    The Great Global Greyhound Walk is an annual dog-walking event that brings together greyhounds, lurchers, other sighthounds and their owners to raise awareness of the breeds and their nature as pets.

  • National Dog Day

    26/08/2018 - 27/08/2018

    National Dog Day is there, not only to create awareness of how many of our fur-friends need to be rescued each year, but also to celebrate the selfless, four-legged friends that work each day to help us.

  • World Animal Day

    04/10/2018 - 05/10/2017

    World Animal Day helps to raise awareness for animal welfare. Through this awareness we can all create a world where our four legged friends, along with other animals are loved and cared for.

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