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Celebrity Dogs

17/02/2017  |  Doggy Facts

Cheer up your frosty February evenings with a look at some of our favourite celebrity dogs…

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Buying a puppy? Key questions to ask yourself before going ahead.

01/02/2017  |  Doggy Facts

You’ve seen the cutest, funniest, most gorgeous dogs snapped all over Instagram and now you want to join in the fun and go and pick up a dog who will become your best buddy and be part of many dog happy moments that you share from there on in. There is absolutely no doubt that getting a canine companion will be one of the happiest additions to your life you. However, before diving in and getting a dog, it is paramount that you consider it carefully and ask yourself a few all important questions first...

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Short back and sides...

12/08/2016  |  Doggy Facts

Just like us when we wake up in the morning, there is nothing nicer than detangling our manes and putting a fabulous sheen back into our locks so why, should it be any different for your dog.

Not only is grooming vital to remove all of those itchy loose hairs but it’s a fantastic way to bond with your dog – especially if you start when they are a puppy...


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Meet Bob, Bella and Beatrice who have no need for hypoallergenic diets!

13/06/2016  |  Doggy Facts

Meet Bob, Bella and Beatrice. They're three dogs with three very different tastes, but the one thing they all have in common is that Laughing Dog makes all three of their tails wag and their tummies 100% dog happy. Want to know why? Read more here...

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To BARF or not to BARF...?

10/05/2016  |  Doggy Facts

It's always a question you hear dog owners asking...

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