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02/05/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

Do you have what it takes to #GetWilliamLaughing?

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Sweet William Interview

28/04/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

This month we've interviewed the wonderful 'Sweet William Design's owner Emma to find out all about her four-legged friend William and his cheeky habits!

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Roses are red...

14/02/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

Happy Valentine's day from us all at the bakery. Click to read our baker's poem especially written for you and your favourite four-legged friends.

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Christmas jumper day...well outfit

23/12/2016  |  Laughing Dog News

As the old addage goes, Charity starts at home and although work isn't quite 'home' we thought it was a jolly good place to start to raising some pre-Christmas funds for the wonderful charity, Save the Children..

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