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January's Dog Happy Moment

16/02/2017  |  Dog Happy Moments

For January, our bakers chose Florence-Matilda as our #doghappymoment of the month simply because, how could you not find this ‘explosive bundle of joy’ (quote her hooman daddy), quite simply, gorgeous! She’s certainly got more than meets the eye with a personality to match her stellar good looks.

Here’s Florence-Matilda’s (because one name just simply doesn’t do her justice) fun little fact file:

Name: Florence-Matilda or Flo to her best buddies

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 9 months

Personality: Like any great female, totally full-on! An adored and completely fearless 6 kilo explosion of blonde fuzz!

Favourite things: Being between and under her two Retriever minders (in the most ladylike way of course – the rose between two thorns as the old adage goes) and meeting up with Toby, her boyfriend. You might mistake this blonde ball of fuzz as a little bit vein when you catch her looking at her reflection in a mirror but you’ll soon realise, she’s only talking to herself. Her all-time favourite thing though which she’s very proud of is leaving everyone she meets…Laughing!

Top way to raise a laugh: If anyone can command attention, Flo here can. This little bundle of fun certainly has a penchant for facial expressions and will pull any just to get a giggle from her hooman counterparts however, she’s most chuffed when she plays her ultimate trump card…her Baldrick impression!

Ambition: Now she might be young, but that doesn’t stop her wanting to be the best and she’s determined to be the best Flyballer she can be, making her mum and dad (both actual and assumed) very proud indeed. Long may you fly Florence!

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