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Laughing Dog partners with local rescue centre

19/05/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

The partnership with Jerry Green Dog Rescue will see us supply the rescue Centre with Wheat Free, Hand Decorated Bones for the Centre’s ‘Gothca’ campaign which helps the new adopters celebrate having officially adopted their dog 12-months ago.

All adopters that have rescued a dog from Jerry Green Dog Rescue will be included in the Gotcha campaign and sent a pack, which includes the Laughing Dog bone and various other offers, to celebrate their special day. 

Our Marketing Executive, Sian Lovatt, is delighted to have partnered with Jerry Green Dog Rescue. “We are absolutely delighted to be supporting Jerry Green Dog Rescue with their Gotcha campaign which celebrates a dog having been formally adopted for a year.

“The work that the team do at Jerry Green is fantastic and their goal of rehoming over 1,000 dogs a year is just phenomenal.

“Without them, we would see a lot more dogs on the street or sadly, in much worse states; it’s fantastic to know that there’s companies out there like Jerry Green Dog Rescue that will do all they can to find a dog a home and give it a second chance.”

Elizabeth Hempstock, Fundraising and Communications Officer for Jerry Green Dog Rescue said: “We are so excited to be partnering with Laughing Dog Food.

“Their products are fantastic, we have received so much positive feedback from everyone who has received a bone so far, the dogs love them! We pride ourselves on great aftercare with our dogs and adopters, we are really hoping this campaign will help us to take that to the next level and help us to stand out.”

For three generations, Laughing Dog has been baking its dog food. While this is a much slower cooking method compared to other conventional cooking processes which involve high speed and pressure, we firmly believes that baking is the best way to protect the natural goodness and taste of the wholesome ingredients it grows and sources, is gentler on tummies and creates a crisp, crunchy kibble, which can help keep teeth clean and breath fresh.


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