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12/01/2017  |  Dog Happy Moments

Everyone (including Fido) likes to kick start the year with a good burst of positive energy & that usually comes in the form of a New Years resolution or two..however, it doesn't just have to be a resolution. Some of us like to set ourselves goals - yes the resolution might be to lose weight but the goal might be 5kg of weight.

Goals, just like dogs, can come in all shapes and sizes and whether they're good for the soul and simply something to make you feel better or something more purpose full and health related, we want to hear about them all.

Inevitably, we all kick of January with the greatest of intentions, but as the new year falls slowly into the background, quite often, so does our fabulous list of resolutions that we so solemnly swore to keep.

That's why we've got the chance for five lucky four-legged friends to win a delicious selection of our oven-baked goodies to make even the fussiest of tails wag and tummies 100% dog happy.

All you need to do is share with us your furry friend's paw goals by posting a photo on our Facebook, twitter or Instagram pages of them on their way to achieving their goal, the caption and tag in #laughingdogfood #doghappy & #pawgoals. 

Our bakers will then choose their favourite five who will receive one each of our delicious goody bags. (T&Cs apply, and we've extended our deadline! All entries must be received before midnight on March 31st 2017 to be counted.)

Let’s keep those goals going! Good luck!

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