Interested in reading more about dog food? Here are some useful links:

Fold Hill Foods Ltd factory is situated on our own land in Old Leake near Boston, Lincolnshire, where we have been producing dry pet foods for three generations.

The Select Lincolnshire project, funded by Lincolnshire County Council, was set up in 2005 in response to a government drive to ensure UK farming has a sustainable future and is in line with Defra’s stated objectives of “Working in Partnership” to develop a sustainable, modern, diverse and adaptable farming industry. Laughing Dog is passionate about supporting this project.

Naturally Happy Dogs is an online magazine dedicated to giving impartial advice to help make informed decisions. They provide video features to see how training methods, the latest canine products, veterinary choices and natural therapies all work, directly from the experts themselves. Their videos will help you to discover the options that vets or dog trainers could recommend for various health, well-being and behavioural issues, the natural options that are available to you, and the very latest developments in canine veterinary and behavioural science.

Laughing Dog is a member of PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association).