LD5 Adult Complete Beef Dog Food

Wheat Gluten Free No Added Artificial Colours Flavours Or Preservatives Hypoallergenic


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Hypoallergenic beef dog food

Our new hypoallergenic dog food; Laughing Dog Naturally 5 Beef Complete dog food is made on our family farm in Britain. With only the best naturally and locally sourced ingredients including our own farm-grown barley.

This limited ingredient and single species dog food recipe has been carefully formulated with no added wheat, soya, dairy or sugar.

Packed full of natural goodness for your four-legged friend!


    • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
    • Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin & coats
    • Single species dog food recipe: 100% beef
    • Vitamins A & E: antioxidants to help support healthy and immunity
    • 100% recyclable packaging




As low as £7.00


LD5 Adult Complete Beef Dog Food contains: Beef Meal (26%), White Rice (20%), Brown Rice (20%), Barley (20%), Alfalfa (4%), Rapeseed Oil (4%), Beef Gravy (3%), Minerals.


Nutritional Additives (kg): Vitamin A 18000IU, Vitamin D3 2000IU, Vitamin E 500mg, Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate) 70mg, Iron (Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate) 40mg, Zinc (Zinc Chelate of Protein Hydrolysates) 30mg, Manganese (Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate) 20mg, Copper (Copper (II) Sulphate Pentahydrate) 5mg, Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 1.5mg, Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 0.13mg, Selenium (Organic Form of Selenium Produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060) 0.02mg. Technological Additives: Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 120mg.

Analytical Constituents

Protein 25%, Crude Fibre 3.5%, Fat content 9%, Crude Ash 5%, Omega 3 0.4%, Omega 6 1.5%

Feed Guide

Breed Size Grams per day
5-12kg (Small) 50-200g
12-25kg (Medium) 200-350g
25-45kg (Large) 350g-550g
45-70kg (Giant) 550g+

This guide is approximate and should be adjusted according to the activity level of your dog. When introducing Laughing Dog, do so gradually over a period of 7 days, increasing the proportion of Laughing Dog daily.

Fresh drinking water should always be available for your dog. Made in a pet food bakery handling other cereals. Store in a cool, dry place.



Naturally 5 Adult Complete Beef


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Feefo Reviews Platinum Trusted Service Award 2021

Shelley Wainwright

Saturday, 13th of March 2021

I have fussy eaters and found that after many trial and error buys( and loss of money.!) That my small dogs love the wheat free beef and lamb. The size of the kibble is perfect and applause for being environmentally friendly with the bags being soft cardboard paper and not plastic. Am now buying this food now on a regular basis directly from Laughing dog. Recommended. :-)

Christopher Murchie

Thursday, 14th of January 2021

Service rating : Excellent product, always buy Laughing Dog food as it provides balanced nutrition to protect/maintain dog health.Product : My dog loves this product, not to mention the balanced and essential nutrition that it provides to maintain excellent animal.health.

Therasa Bailey

Tuesday, 15th of December 2020

Order not received

Trusted Customer

Sunday, 22nd of November 2020

Service rating : always do well but could not create a subscription so will have to phone. very helpful on the phone in the past so dont forsee any problemsProduct : this is new for harvey(the dog)but he has had samplesand seems to like it

Trusted Customer

Thursday, 1st of October 2020

Service rating : Fantastic service, next day delivery with advanced notice of time slot. Our dog was very pleased to receive his next bag of food, he loves it and it suits him 🐾🐾Product : Our dog loves it and it suits him. Every last bit munched!


Friday, 1st of November 2019

Service rating : Excellent customer service. Super fast delivery. Packaging just the right size.Product : My dog loved it. New shape a bit small for her though as she's a large dog. No dust left in bowl

Jan Davis

Thursday, 25th of March 2021

Service rating : Excellent service. When ordering several bags of food I had to keep going back to the start of the menu to order another bag. May just be operator error or perhaps not so iPad friendly.Product : My dog seems to love this flavour

Velda Prior

Tuesday, 13th of April 2021

Prompt attention and delivery of my order

Trusted Customer

Thursday, 15th of July 2021

Service rating : Excellent as usual. If you have a problem they will sort out.Product : Dog woofs it down I'm happy

Amanda Whiting

Monday, 19th of July 2021

Service rating : Excellent communication. Easy ordering. Timely delivery. DPD service very good. Happy with service.Product : Our rescue dog equally loves this too!


   Over £25   Next Working Day Delivery if ordered before 11.30am     Free
   Under £25   Next Working Day Delivery if ordered before 11.30am     £4.95
Personalised Order   5 – 7 Working Day Delivery Free if over £25

Please note we can only accept customer orders for delivery to addresses in England, Wales and Scotland, although restrictions and additional delivery charges may apply to Northern Scotland, Scottish Highlands and Offshore Islands. Addresses in Scottish Highlands (postcodes starting IV, AB, FK, HS, KA, KW, PA and PH), Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland (postcodes starting BT).

Please note, promotional delivery orders (under 2kg, e.g. up to x6 packets of treats) will take up to 5 working days and will be shipped via Royal Mail (in these instances, please ignore all delivery notifications and emails from DPD as these are automated and will not be relevent). Select the promotional delivery option at checkout to qualify. Unfortunately, at this time, not all promotional delivery offers will be applicable to non-UK mainland areas. For more information, please pop us a call on 0800 098 8057 or an email to [email protected]

Also, please be aware that all hand-decorated biscuit bones can take up to 7 working-days for delivery. All other items as part of this order will be sent out once the biscuit bone has been crafted by our bakers. Please visit our Delivery page for more information.


We know that pet parents want a label that they can easily understand, and as a maker of pet food we pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our ingredients are working hard to provide a clear benefit – in other words, you won’t find any unnecessary ingredients or additions, just a clean label!

Our nutritionists have worked hard to select ingredients which provide a complete and balanced recipe for healthy digestion, immunity, joints, teeth and bones.

The meal in this recipe is single species, ethically sourced and meets human grade standards. Meals are a very important source of protein, vitamins and minerals. No mixed meat meal is used, which is dry rendered form of meat and bones from mixed species of meat.

Yes , our LD5 recipes have been formulated free from wheat, wheat gluten, soya and dairy. There are no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Wheat is just one of a number of different cereals. The most common cereals include maize, barley, oats and wheat. Wheat free dog food means that it may contain other cereals, but does not contain any added wheat (or wheat gluten).

Our Naturally 5 dog foods contain barley from our family farm.

Barley has a low GI (glycaemic index) values which means it can help to stabilise blood sugar levels and as a result give that fuller for longer feeling. Importantly, barley does not contain any wheat gluten, which can often be the common cause of allergies in dogs.

Our range of Wheat Free complete dog foods and dog treats are enjoyed by all dogs looking for delicious and nutritious foods – not just dogs requiring a specifically wheat free diet.

Here at Laughing Dog we pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our ingredients are carefully sourced right here on our family farm. If we cannot use our own ingredients (for example, our own farm-grown barley goes into our wheat free dog food), we source the ingredients ourselves from approved suppliers only; we meet the British Retail Consortium standards (BRC for short; this is a global standard of food safety and quality).

Not all of our ingredients are free range (the supply of free range ingredients in the UK does not meet the demand for it in the pet food industry) but we use only the highest quality of ingredients. As much as possible we try to use British; however, if this is not possible we source our high quality chicken, duck, beef, lamb, salmon and white fish from Europe. All our meals are produced from animals, birds and fish that have been passed as fit for human consumption and meet our ethical sourcing guidelines.

Laughing Dog adheres to FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry) guidelines.

Unlike many dog food brands in the UK, we make all our dry food ourselves. All our food, treats and mixers are made here on the family farm.

At Laughing Dog many of our dog food recipes are single species, e.g. our Naturally 5 chicken dog food complete is just chicken meal and chicken oil; you wouldn’t therefore find any lamb or beef in the mixing bowl. We only use meals which are made of one species so we and our customers know exactly what is going into the mixing bowl.

The meals we use are single species and are produced from animals, birds and fish that have been passed as fit for human consumption and meet our ethical sourcing guidelines. They include meat, ligaments, bone – only the tasty (and safe) parts a dog would naturally eat. Meals are a very important source of protein, calcium and phosphorous.

We do not use any dry mixed meat meal which is meat and bones made from mixed species e.g. pork, beef, lamb, chicken.

Either way – whether you use fresh meat and/or a meal, combined in the right quantities with other key essential ingredients, it will provide a complete and balanced meal.

The dry meals we use are naturally preserved which we believe is best. It is a convenient and safe way for these materials to be used in pet foods and naturally in the wild dogs crunch bones and eat the innards as these are the tastiest parts. We believe that our recipes should reflect this. But it is true to say we are using parts of the animal we wouldn’t necessarily eat as humans – this is also really important for the planet – we know there’s only a limited amount of land that’s available for agriculture and finding sustainable protein sources is becoming more of a hot topic in the dog food industry.

Yes! Head to our Laughing Dog YouTube channel to go behind the scenes at our bakery, to meet the team and to see how our food is made!

This means that all of our meat sources e.g. chicken in our Naturally 5 chicken dog food is from that one species i.e. chicken. Therefore in our single species recipes you will never find that it has meat from one animal e.g. chicken, and an oil from another e.g. lamb. It would only ever be from the same protein source. That is why Laughing Dog food can be beneficial for dogs with specific adverse reactions as by introducing what is known as an ‘elimination diet’, you can isolate protein sources and can help to eliminate any foods which may cause a reaction in your dog.

Our Naturally 5 range of completes can be even more beneficial to elimination diets as these special completes are only made with 5 simple ingredients.

Yes, all of our Naturally 5 dog food range bags are 100% recyclable.

Whilst we are very proud of our oven-baked dog food range (we’ve been oven baking since 1936), we recognise that this process is much slower than the more conventional methods, and is therefore much more costly. To make a baked dog food free from wheat gluten and suitable for running down our production lines, it takes at least 2 years of testing (our grain free baked mixer meal took 4 years, for example, as this was completely gluten free).

Naturally 5 enables us to create a premium product with all the wholesome goodness of  oven-baked Laughing Dog but at a more accessible price point for our pet parents and their four-legged friends.

It’s also important to note that sadly oven-baking can sometimes cause lots of dust, which is a feature not all of our customers like with our naturally baked ranges. In addition, the kibble size and shape is very limited with baked foods. In contrast, our Naturally 5 range offers a very unique and dust-free kibble shape, suitable for all dogs.

Laughing Dog will always have baked ranges though – many of our dog treats are naturally oven-baked, and our mixer meals are also baked too.

To find out more about why not all of the Laughing Dog Food range is oven-baked dog food, head to our blog.

What's Inside

Rapeseed Oil
Rapeseed Oil

An essential fatty acid to help maintain overall health


Protein rich, easily digestible and a great source of energy. Brown rice provides essential minerals and B vitamins for a healthy nervous system.


Tasty beef that's high in protein to help maintain healthy muscles.


A natural source of slow release energy and rich in dietary fibre to help aid digestion


Rich in beta carotene, helping to keep skin, bones and eyes healthy. A natural antioxidant.