★ Fleas

“…fleas develop in warm, dry places.”

It is probable that at some point or another your dog will come into close quarters with fleas, no matter how clean your dog or home is. In order to keep fleas at bay, you will regularly need to treat your dog. To effectively control fleas, simply follow the three steps below:

Kill the adult fleas – treat your dog with a spot-on prescription strength treatment that will last up to one month. Talk to your vet as soon as you can as they will be able to provide this for you.

Kill the immature fleas – fleas develop in warm, dry places; bedding and carpets are key harbouring grounds for them. To protect your home, spray it with a household spray that will last for up to 12 months.

You should be able to find this in any good pet shop or pet store. Stop the eggs from hatching – you can give your dog a special tablet which will damage any eggs present, helping to break the flea’s life cycle. Talk to your vet for further advice about this.


★ Worming

“…worm your puppy to avoid harm to both your health and theirs.”

There are many types of worms that can affect a dog’s health and infect them with zoonotic diseases which can be passed on to you and your family.

It is therefore essential to ensure you properly worm your puppy to avoid harm to both your health and theirs. It is recommended that you worm at two, four, eight and 12 weeks of age to keep your little one happy and healthy and then monthly from then onwards. Before you pick your puppy up, ensure that you check that a course of worming has been started.

You should also talk to your vet for further advice. We recommend that you always discuss worming and flea treatment with your vet before going ahead with any course of treatment.

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