Name: Amos

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 19 months

How you came to be together:

We rehomed Amos from the loveliest family that unfortunately due to circumstances, could no longer keep him.

We had lost our previous Border Collie, Jasper(15 years old), 6 years ago and felt we couldn’t go through the pain of losing another. A friend of ours bought Amos’ brother and a friend of theirs bought Amos, we dog sat for Bairstow (Amos’) brother on in a regular basis and when Amos needed to be rehomed we were asked if we would have him. My husband refused on several occasions despite me and the lads trying to wear him down, after a couple of weeks Amos’ situation was worsening so reluctantly my husband agreed to take him on a trial basis, he had severe traffic issues, but on the whole was very well behaved. We picked him up on the Monday evening at about 7pm and I daren’t let myself fall in love…it was a trial we were having him on after all, yeah right!!

We got him home and it was as though he’d always been with us I rang his previous owners the next day and told them we’d made our mind up, he was staying with us.

Fast forward 1 year later, we couldn’t imagine life without this amazing, clever quirky pooch. His fear of traffic has diminished, still working on ladybirds though!

We are eternally grateful everyday to his previous owners for giving Amos the best 6 months start in his life, and trusting us to adopt him, it’s up to us now to continue what they started and give him the best life has to offer him.

Personality: Amos is a typical Border Collie, he loves to round things up, he is completely ball obsessed!! He loves to snuggle up and cuddle.

Favourite things: Amos loves watching his humans play cricket every Saturday and Sunday. He loves coming camping in the trailer tent and adores walks on the beach . He’s not bothered where we go as long as he’s with the pack. Amos hates flying insects especially ladybirds and flies.

Top way to raise a laugh: People always chuckle when Amos goes on his walkies as he loves to walk on walls!

Ambition: I think Amos’ ambition in life is to own all the balls in the world.