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Bathing your dog

Do I need to groom my dog?

Grooming and bathing your dog regularly is vital to ensure for healthy skin, as well a healthy, hygienic & matt-free coat.

Home-grooming also gives you the chance to check your dog’s body more throughly for any abnormalities & health concerns, which you may not spot otherwise.

DSG DogSpa‘s 5 home-grooming top tips


Tip number 1 – Bathing your dog preparation

Remember, preparation is key. Home bathing your dog can be challenging, so ensuring you feel prepared will provide a more comfortable experience for both you and your dog.

You are going to need:

  • A jug (or shower head)
  • A shower puff
  • A premium shampoo
  • An absorbent towel or microfibre towel
  • Dog grooming brush (& comb if possible)
  • Dog conditioning spray & a slicker brush (optional)

Plus, a great tip is to invest in an industrial suction cup! In the bath, this will work a treat as you can attach your dog’s lead, securing them in the tub & reducing the chance of your dog escaping (and getting you and the room soaked!).

Keep in mind this is key bonding time with your pooch. Remember to reward your dog with treats for good behaviour. A great treat for this is Laughing Dog’s Fish & Tricks, as they are a healthy bite-sized treat that don’t dissolve quickly if they get a little wet!


Tip number 2 – Cleaning time

Choose a premium, preferably PH-balanced, sulfate & paraben free shampoo, with no dyes. We recommend the brand Nootie for a gentle lathering shampoo formula, which is suitable for the majority of skin types.

Wet your dog’s coat thoroughly, using your jug or shower head. Make sure you use luke-warm – warm water so your dog isn’t uncomfortable in water that is too cold or too hot.

Add your shampoo to your shower puff, taking your time to work the shampoo down to the skin for a deep and refreshing clean. For the dirty dogs, you can shampoo twice. Ensure you rinse well.

Please note, never use human shampoo.


Tip number 3- Time to dry

We highly recommend the use of an absorbent towel or microfibre towel to get excess moisture out of your dog’s coat. Work your towel in sections. If you own a long, silky or wool coated breed, try to not rub the towel vigorously as this can cause knots.

If you have a hair dryer to hand, pop your dog on a towel (so when you are drying the towel will collect excess water & moisture), and give them a dry down using a mildly warm/cool air setting.

Again, remember those treats for good behaviour.


Tip number 4 – Grooming hour

Have your grooming brushes & combs at the ready.

Working in sections, separate your dog’s fur and brush out from the root. Gently, use your comb to achieve an even more refined finish. The use of a dog conditioning spray & a slicker brush, for majority of breeds, works a trick. But if you have a smooth/double coated dog breed, using a rubber brush or a furminator are great for de-shedding.


Tip number 5 – Seal the deal

Finish your pooch off with a spritz of doggie cologne! This will make your hard work (in banishing those bad smells) last much longer.

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