For December, our bakers chose Muffin as our #doghappymoment of the month simply because, he was so very grateful when his hoomummy made sure his Christmas wish came true and got him some of our delicious ad nutritious baked goodies all the way to Switzerland! Hurray for Mr Postman!

Here’s Muffin’s fun little fact file:

Name: Muffin

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier cross

IQ: Up there with the best of them – he loves attending school every Monday and makes sure his hoomans engage him in lots of activities to keep that big brain of his busy!

Favourite things: Whether snoozing on the sofa, curled up in his best pal’s lap or sneaking his way into bed, Muffin loves company, especially when it’s from the hoomans (because after all, they give him delicious oven-baked goodies to help keep his tummy happy) He loves his toys and going for walks in the woods especially if there’s half a chance he can find a puddle to splash in or a lake to swim in as he is fanatical about swimming. He loves to cuddle up on the settee, in someone’s lap or even sometimes (when he’s been extra good), in bed. He’s also an exceptional dancer…his back leg paw dance is his speciality and only gets brought out when he’s really trying to impress!

Best pal: His hoomum Pamela of course! He can get through anything as long as she is around. Sometimes though he has to wait for her to come home, but he won’t be far from the door and is always poised to greet her, wagging tail at the ready.

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