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Dog Dental Month

05/02/2020  |  Dog Happy Moments

We are here this month to spread dog dental awareness!

Did you know that "Doggy breath" is not necessarily normal?

Plaque builds up every day on our four-legged friends’ teeth and at their gum lines. When continuously left, the plaque can mineralize or harden - in as little as 2 days - forming calculus or tartar. This tartar sticks to the surface of a dog's teeth, forming a foundation for further build-up which, eventually, can produce an environment that is perfect for certain types of bacteria that can be destructive to periodontal tissues and produce a more obvious odour. This process can lead to an infection of the mouth called periodontal disease.

Gum Disease in Dogs and Gum Loss

Although gum loss is known to be serious in humans, it can have even greater repercussions in our four-legged friends. What looks like just a small amount of gum loss can cause exposure of the root surface, providing more surface for plaque and tartar to attach itself to. Look out for black spots along the gum line of your dog's teeth as this is likely to be an exposed furcation, as dogs get "cavities," much less commonly than we do. Visualization of the actual bulge or even the exposed furcation area of a tooth is evidence of fairly significant periodontal disease. As more of the gums and bone supporting the teeth are lost, the more likely it is that our furry friends might experience teeth loss. Recognising one of the more severe signs of dental disease, loosening of the teeth, may be tricky unless you know to look for it – so be sure to stay vigilant to keep your four-legged friend beaming!

Warning signs of dental disease in dogs

  • Bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)
  • Chattering
  • Excessive drooling
  • Lack of appetite or reluctance to eat hard food
  • Bleeding gums

Look for less obvious signs of dental disease in dogs too…

Sometimes dental disease in dogs can have less obvious signs. Your dog may choose softer foods, play with chew toys less or decline their favourite crunchy treats. You may notice your pet chewing more on side of his mouth. He may chew less in general and this sometimes might cause the dog to vomit, seen as undigested, poorly chewed food. Increased salivation, pawing at or rubbing the face can be indications of oral pain.

Home Dog Dental Care Routine…

After your dog has a thorough dental cleaning, it is important to begin and maintain a regular routine of good dental hygiene at home to prevent future problems. Be sure to start dog teeth cleaning when your furry-friend is young, as this will more easily shape them into a clean routine! Although it is early, you should begin brushing your dog's teeth when your puppy is between 8-to-12 weeks old.

A tasty reward, such as our oven-baked dental treat, is a great idea to help keep your dog's teeth clean. Your pet will remember this dental treat more than the actual brushing!

** Just remember to never use human toothpaste or baking soda on your precious pet's teeth. Your vet can recommend the right product for your four-legged friend**

If you suspect that your dog has a dental health problem, or you would like further information about dog dental health, please see your vet. 


Laughing Dog Dental Treats

Laughing Dog Dental Oaties

As well as dental sticks for dogs, our Wonderfully Wheat Free Baked Dental Dog Treats, carefully cafted by our bakers, are great for maintaining your dog's dental hygiene. Into the mixing bowl we've added parsley, a herb antioxidant which helps to freshen breath, as well as mint to help keep breath fresh and to aid digestion. In addition to these tasty goodies, we've also included oats and barley from our farm for dietary fibre. Oven baked to be gentler on digestion and to create a crisp and crunchy biscuit which helps keep teeth clean, these wheat free dog treats are guaranteed to help keep tummies happy and breath fresh! Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks of age.


  • No added wheat or wheat gluten, soya or dairy
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • 100% baked dental dog treats - crisp crunch helps to keep teeth clean
  • Made on our farm in Britain


Why we have an oven-baked range…

Oven-baked dog food, while far gentler on digestion, provides a fantastic crisp and crunch which helps to keep choppers in check! This will help to keep both the crowns and the teeth clean. However, this does not target below the gumline and, therefore, while feeding these foods is great for your dog’s dental hygiene it should not be used to substitute for daily brushing.


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