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Dog Happy By Nature October Winners

13/11/2019  |  Farm Bakery News

We are thrilled to announce our 5 fantastic Dog Happy by Nature Compeition Winners for October 2019!

In no particular order...

Zak and Duggy, being the best of four-legged pals.

Zak and Duggy being the best of four-legged friends

Farley, at his most content, soaking up the sunset.

Farley, soaking up the sunset

Arthur, a gentle 3/4 wolfhound, making friends in nature

Rhonda, a gentle rescue greyhound

Wee Rollie, 16, having a blast at Balmaha beach.

Rollie, having a blast at the beach

Coco, adoring the fresh air. Truly defining dog happy by nature...!

Coco, thriving in the beautiful blue skies

Thank you for all your entries! Our farm bakery team adore going through the photos that are submitted!

Each winner will recieve a 'dog happy by nature'-framed copy of their submitted photo, along with delicious Laughing Dog treats!

Click the link HERE to learn the easy steps of how to enter for your chance to WIN!

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