Nestled in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds is Laughing Dog’s very own family farm. Growing vegetables and cereals all year round, there is never a moment to stand still. Our rich fertile soils, glorious sunshine and sudden downpours make for perfect growing conditions. And as you’d imagine, the summer months are the busiest of days. Time is spent drawing up plans as every field as far as the eye can see is brimming with delicious and nutritious ingredients. Our farm manager, Adrian, explains what’s growing and why life is so busy on our Lincolnshire farm…

July’s to do list…   

This month is all about the careful balance between tending to what is already growing and preparing for our biggest event of the year – harvest. Everyone is busy – plans and schedules are being made daily and there is little time to stop. In our fields you’ll find cabbage, potatoes, oats, barley and wheat rapidly growing. The oats and barley (delicious additions to Laughing Dog’s wheat free completes and mixers!) are now starting to turn from green to golden colours as they begin to ripen.

After a very good growing season, our spring greens are nearly ready for harvest and will be lifted within the next few weeks. Our cauliflowers and peas are being harvested as we speak and our calabrese (broccoli) is already being lifted. It is a delight to see so much wholesome green; we don’t think we’ll ever tire of the colours!

Next on the list is our oil seed rape which will be harvested within the next month. The yellow fields are a sight to behold – and although this crop needs to be harvested, we are always sad to see the colour disappear.

July and August are certainly times when being a team counts – everybody is involved, even our four-legged friends! As farm dogs, they are always on the go but in this heat it’s important that they take rest, water and shade as much as possible. Of course, however busy they get, they always find time to play…!

Finally, we must mention that July and August sees our wildflower borders thriving – the perfect haven for our bees and butterflies, and a part of farm life that we are particularly proud of.