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Keeping dogs cool in summer

10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool in Summer!

  1. Encourage your four-legged friend to stay in shaded areas and away from direct sunlight 
  2. Keep a paddling pool in the shade for them to splash about in, but make sure the water is kept cool!
    This also guarantees lots of tail-wags…
  3. Never leave dogs in cars
    With an outdoor temperature at just 21 degrees Celsius, inside a hot car it only takes 4 minutes for that temperature to reach 30 degree celsius. Dogs can fall ill or worse at these temperatures, so even if you’re just “running into the shop”, leave your dog at home!
  4.  Time your dog’s outdoor play with the garden sprinklers!
    It is important for the environment not to consume more water than needed, but if you can time your doggy’s outdoor play with your sprinklers then this will make for a lot of fun, without being wasteful.
  5. Remember regular grooming for your dog
     Did you know that matting can trap heat? Regular grooming and/or clipping will help to keep your dog’s coat clean and free of knots!
  6. Put down damp towels for your canine companion to lie on – ensure this is kept cool

  7. Sun cream for dogs!
    Did you know you can get sun cream for dogs? Even our furry friends are at risk of sunburn if they’re not protected, just the same as us humans – especially those with thinner coats. You can pick up specially formulated sun cream for dogs at most pet shops or online! Ask your vet for recommendations.

  8. Fill a hot water bottle with cold water or buy a cooling mat

  9. Protect your dog’s paws from hot surfaces
    To avoid hurting your four-legged friend’s footpads, stay away from surfaces like sand and tarmac if they feel hot.
  10. Be aware of the symptoms of heat stroke in dogs

It is so important to know about keeping dogs cool in summer! We hope our top tips help keep tails wagging!


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Keeping dogs cool in summer

Here’s another way of keeping dogs cool in summer – try our ice-lolly recipe for dogs!

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