This month, our bakers chose this #doghappy moment from Lisa and her endearing Dalmatian puppy, Maggie having fun with her favourite hooman siblings.  She was our Telegraph competition winner and is quite simply…delightfully dotty.

Here’s Maggie’s fun little fact file:

Name: Maggie

Age: 3 months old

Breed: Dalmatian

Favourite place: Despite her hoomummys rule of no paws on the sofa, Maggie’s angelic face and sweet persona meant that rule flew straight out of the window and her favourite place is snuggled up on the sofa better her two human brothers, 4 year old twins, Sam and Fin. When she’s not curled up sleeping she loves nothing more than running through the fields with her hooman family.

Favourite games: She’s a happy little girl and can’t resist a game of good old fashioned fetch – always bounding after the ball and running straight back (in the hope of a delicious nibble or two). Being a true performer from her first few weeks, she loves learning tricks like roll-over and high fives – however, they are of course only performed if there is the definite chance of a treat. Trick for a treat right?

Most mischievous habits: Being a big girl and growing fast, she of course needs lots of energy – so she’s always on the lookout for whatever she can get her paws on. Ever the opportunist, marmalade on toast and corn of the cob are two successes she is proud to have snuffled, silently from the table, but she’ll certainly always try her luck with any spare breakfast, lunch or supper that might be going spare.

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