This month, our bakers chose this #doghappy moment from John and his gorgous beach baby, Kizzie. She’s staring out, keeping watch over her water. We’ve named her Queen of the Sea.

Here’s Kizzie’s fun little fact file:

Name: Kizzie

Age: 10 years old

Breed: Collie x New Zealand Hunterway – she came from a farm in Cornwall

Personality: Even though she’s been loved dearly for her ten wise years, she is very timid and nervous of people but when she knows you she bounds up to greet you (with a full collie smile!)

Favourite things: Kizzie loves going to the beach where she can play in the sand and watch over he sea and everyone who she shares it with. She shakes with excitement when she knows she’s going and always has a token play fight with her best buddy Skampy, a Jack Russell.  She loves to have a tummy rub and will be quick to remind you with a tap if you finish before she’s had enough rubs!

Favourite place: Snuggled up on the sofa, but not with Skampy, she’s a true princess and loves to have her own space to sprawl, including and night when she takes up most of her hooman’s bed!

Funniest trick: She greets everyone she knows and loves with a big cheesy grin – all pearly whites on show!

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