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★ Socialisation for puppies

“It is important that this occurs before the age of 16 weeks…”

This is as important as feeding your puppy. Puppies aren’t naturally born with social skills. Whether interacting with their own four-legged friends or their two-legged companions, it is important to help teach them life skills to ensure they are happy in their surroundings and can communicate with other dogs appropriately.

To start socialisation, it’s important to let your dog interact with other adults, children, vets and other dogs & animals. Furthermore, they should experience different situations such as; sights and sounds, traffic, travelling in a car, and noisy objects, i.e. vacuum cleaners.

It is important that this occurs before the age of 16 weeks. Your puppy will go through key learning and development stages up to this time.

If you would like some more advice on how to carry out a socialisation plan for your little one – pop to This website provides information on the science of socialisation and gives you access to a whole host of useful resources. Your little one will be taking the morning post from the postman or postwoman in no time… Well, not quite, but at least leaving their ankles alone!

★ Sleeping

“Just like babies, they have lots of growing to do…”

Puppies are full of energy and it’s important that they learn to be themselves and be happy. Food plays an important part and a healthy dog is a happy dog!

Remember though, all dogs need moments of unrestrained joy, whether frolicking in water or running around on the beach. Puppies thrive on opportunities where they can truly be themselves. They all need to be groomed, exercised and cherished just as humans do.

Just like babies, they have lots of growing to do, so as cute as they are and however much you want to play with them, they need lots of rest and sleep too!



Laughing Dog Sleep Tight Treats…!

Our brand-new naturally oven-baked bedtime biscuits for dogs are made with soothing ingredients including chamomile and ginger to help relax and calm your canine companion. Plus, our unique baked texture helps to keep teeth clean too!

Sleep treats for dogs | Laughing Dog Food

Made from start to finish on our family farm in Lincolnshire. Plus, this recipe is grain and gluten free, and made with natural ingredients (sweet potato, turkey, linseed, ginger and chamomile). Moreover, no fillers or nasties, and no added sugar or salt are included!


Helping to calm your four-legged friends…
Plus, your furry-friends can’t get enough!

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