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 Sustainable Fertilisation!

This week on the farm we have been busy cultivating our rape stubble. After harvesting our rapeseed last week, the land is now a bare stubble that we like to give a little TLC before we lay down another crop to grow. Tom has been busy on his tractor and disc, cultivating the land with chicken manure. It may produce a bit of a smell in the fresh Lincolnshire air, but chicken manure is a great organic fertiliser and an entirely sustainable fertilisation method, adding key nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium back into the soil to get the land in tip top condition.

The next crop we will grow in these fields will be our winter wheat, which we use in our Laughing Dog Traditional Mixer.

By choosing to farm in this way we get the best out of our land, and therefore the best out of our crops; the key ingredients in our dog food recipes. Gus assures us he can taste the difference! Click here to watch our farm video.

With very best wishes, Rachel Grant.