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Farm Diary March 2022

This week, Tom talks us through ‘cover cropping’ and how this farming method can replace the process of cultivating the land with heavy farm machinery, consequently, reducing our carbon output and more.🚜🌾

Watch our full YouTube video for more information.

Farm Diary March 2022

Farm Diary March 2022

The weather has started to look a little bit more like Spring, here in Lincolnshire, which has meant have been able to start drilling.

This year, we aim to do even more direct drilling. This means we will drill straight into the stubble of the previous crop and avoid cultivations. Not only is this method significantly better for the environment, as carbon is not released from the soil and far less diesel is required, but this also means the soil will retain its natural structure and PH, allowing for top quality growing conditions.

Top quality soil means top quality crops for feeding your dogs top quality recipes.🐶

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January 2022

This week Tom is busy loading wheat, from Harvest 2021, into storage – ready to be used in our recipes🚜

We are proud to use our own farm-grown ingredients where we can, otherwise carefully sourcing ingredients to ensure only the best for your dog.🐾

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November 2021

The farm is quite a different place during the Autumn, but it is lovely seeing the transition; who doesn’t love watching the leaves turn brown and form into crunchy piles on the ground?🍂

As always, things have been very busy at the farm. Winter Wheat drilling has now finished, and we’ve been really lucky with the weather, which has presented mild and dry conditions, making our October soil really good.

We are continuing to reduce our carbon footprint and have again used a ‘direct drilling’ process. This means we drill the new seed straight into the stubble (remnants left) of the previous crop. This technique continues to save time, reduce our carbon footprint, as well as save on huge amounts of diesel.🚜

Now the wheat drilling is finished, it is time to plough the land destined to grow vegetables and potatoes next spring – typically, we only grow those crops on our best land.


October 2021

We have now started drilling winter wheat for harvest 2022, (did you know this is used in our Traditional Mixer Meal?).🌾

We are proud to continue to try and reduce cultivations of the soil (ploughing or discing), and instead we are drilling the new seed into the previous crops’ residue.

This of course creates a much smaller carbon footprint because we are not releasing carbon from the soil, and we are burning a lot less diesel.

It is also kinder to the soil because it leaves the natural soil biology intact.🚜

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September 2021

It’s Organic September!

Did you know in a conventional farming system, processed fertilisers are used? They are shipped around the world and added to crops for nutrients such as phosphate and potash.

However, at the farm, we are looking at more organic and sustainable methods of farming. Here, Tom explains why we have chosen chicken manure for this field of Winter Wheat and the importance for the environment.🌾


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August 2021

Harvest 2021 is here in full swing!🚜

Tom (and Gus of course🐶), are really busy at this time of year, as combining is done at every opportunity when the land is dry☀️. Plus, drilling new seeds for harvest 2022 is well under way.🌾

July 2021

Harvest is now only a few weeks away🚜

Gus has been busy at the farm this week, assisting Tom with final checks before we begin… of course with delicious snack breaks to keep tails wagging…🐾

Shop our full range of treats:

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June 2021

Continuously finding ways to improve our carbon footprint is top priority.

Reducing cultivations between crops means that less carbon is released from the soil. Plus, this method of ‘direct drilling’ means that less machinery is used, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.🚜

We use this wheat in our Traditional Mixer – doesn’t it look great!🌾

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May 2021

Farm walks earlier this week…. when the sun actually decided to join us! 🐾

Here’s Tom and Gus inspecting our yellow rapeseed. We won’t lie… we’ve loved the rain! It has been good for the crops and it looks like we’re all on track again (Gus has embraced the muddy puddles too!).

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May 2021

We are really proud to be one of the few pet food manufacturers in the UK to make our recipes ourselves.

We make all our own dry dog food, completes and treats on our family farm in the heart of Lincolnshire, using our incredible solar panel farm to generate 1/4 of our energy usage. 🚜

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April 2021

Earth Day Celebrations!🐝

As we reflect on Earth Day, we are proud to share with you all of the ways we are sustainable at the farm…

Making all of our dry dog food on our family farm in the heart of Lincolnshire, we are really proud to be an environmentally conscious brand. From our ever expanding range of recyclable packaging to covering a 1/4 of all our energy used at the farm bakery with our solar panels.🚜

We are also proud to manage our hedgerows to encourage wildlife, as well as planting wild flower boarders for our bees and butterflies.🦋

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