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To my pawfect Valentine

24/01/2019  |  Farm Bakery News

The one day of the year when everyone deserves to be spoilt by their loved ones whether that is those with four legs or two is Valentine's Day. Some love it, some hate it and some are nothing other than completely indifferent to it.

So here at the Laughing Dog bakery, we wanted to provide those of you who are fully behind the day not only with a deliciously oven-baked, hand crafted, yoghurt coated biscuit bone, sprinkled with fairy dust in the form of carrot pieces and lovingly hand decorated ..but also with a Valentine's Day poem for the one favourite, most loyal pooch in your life who never fails to greet you with a tail wag, comfort you with cuddles or dispel the occasional feeling of loneliness on a cold dark winter's night.

To my pawfect Valentine

A little like marmite, it’s a love or a hate,

the one day of the year that everyone is supposed to have a date,

So why not share this one with someone who’s loyal, loving, cuddly and kind

A lifelong companion who’s you’re four-legged friend and dog happy valentine!


So whether you hate it or not, it's fair to say, our four-legged friends are there for us every day. So make sure not only this Valentine's, but every other day of the year too, you give them a cuddle and tell them that 'I love you'.

Laughing Dog...baking the nation 100% dog happy since 1936!

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