Does Laughing Dog offer vegan & vegetarian options?

Yes Laughing Dog does supply vegan and vegetarian dog food! We are committed to offering naturally wholesome and delicious recipes for all dogs, including vegetarian/vegan dog food.

We offer a range of naturally oven-baked mixers, that are formulated to be 100% vegetarian and vegan. Therefore, we use no animal products to form these tasty complimentary recipes.

Premium vegetarian dog treat options

Laughing Dog’s Cheesy Bites are the pawfect veggie option for all dogs to enjoy.
We have combined the goodness of broccoli with the natural power of oats and barley. As a result, these aid in immunity, slow-released energy, digestion, and healthy cholesterol levels. Therefore Cheesy Bites are great for training or as a snack between meals.

Plus, our Oven-baked Bespoke Biscuit Bones are carefully created with only veggie goodness! Proudly 100% vegetarian, and therefore the pawfect gift for all dogs!

The first vegan dog treat

Fruity Paws treats, were launched by Laughing Dog on 1st August 2020 and have remained in high popularity since. Carefully crafted by our team of nutritionists to be plant-power boosted, these delightful peanut butter and strawberry flavoured treats offer the goodness of oats, linseed (rich in omega 3 and 6), and ginger (a natural anti-inflammatory to aid in joint care). Therefore, great as a tasty snack or can be snapped into bite-sized pieces for training.

Vegan Dog Treats - Laughing Dog Treats

Why doesn’t Laughing Dog offer a vegetarian or vegan complete food?

Did you know us pet owners are more likely to be vegetarian & vegan than the general population? At Laughing Dog, we believe in the power of balance. We understand the importance of these lifestyles and are proud to offer recipes to fit.

Dogs are omnivores, meaning it is not absolutely clear if a fully plant-based diet is suitable for fulfiling their needs, and there is likely to be lots more research in the next few years to offer some clarity on the matter.

Therefore, a good option is to offer a ‘flexitarian’ diet. This would allow you to reduce your dog’s meat consumption, while still ensuring they recieve some animal proteins. At least until we have further research and clarity on the long-term health impacts of a fully plant-based diet for dogs. (PBW news Eco Pets Special covers this topic in more detail). We understand that owners looking to incorporate more veggie and vegan recipes into their dog’s diet are often looking for brands that align with their values on more than one level, and that are making headway in other areas of sustainability too. Check out our article here on our solar pannel farm, which generates a 1/4 of our energy usage. Plus, head to our instagram for regular farm updates, to see the methods we use to ensure we continue to improve our carbon footprint.

Our vegetarian and vegan options allow dogs to find a healthy and wholesome balance between meat-based and plant-based recipes. Choosing plant-based options where possible, while ensuring dogs get the nutrients they need in their complete food of choice. For example, teaming our gently steam-cooked hotpots and casseroles, complete and wholesome recipes, with our vegan mixers.


A Vegetarian Diet for Dogs

Studies have shown that providing a nutritionally homemade vegetarian diet is a difficult task that would require planning and a specific formulation from a vet or animal nutritionist.

A survey of 86 vegetarian dogs in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium found that over 50% of the dogs were fed diets deficient in protein, essential amino acids, calcium, zinc and vitamins D and B12. These deficiencies can have a big impact on long term health and well-being.

Vegan diets for dogs

Vegan foods (no animal products) should be carefully checked by a vet or animal nutritionist as they may be deficient in essential nutrients. Plus, great attention to detail would be needed to assure nutritional adequacy and palatability.