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Crufts 2016

04/12/2015  |  Laughing Dog on Tour

It's that time again...

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In Vogue....

03/12/2015  |  Farm Bakery News

We wanted to share with you our little dog happy Christmas secret...

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Wonderfully Wheat Free Puppy Complete

03/11/2015  |  Farm Bakery News

Baking puppies100% dog happy...!

Laughing Dog Launches New Puppy Complete

Laughing Dog, one of the few pet food manufacturers in the UK to bake its entire range of dog food, has just launched a new wheat free chicken baked puppy complete.

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New look Wonderfully Wheat Free Mixer Meal

06/08/2015  |  Farm Bakery News

Our Wonderfully Wheat Free Baked Mixer Meal now has a new look!

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Now in Sainsburys

01/05/2015  |  Farm Bakery News

We are now stocked in Sainsburys. Take a look at our stockist page to find a Sainsburys near you.

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