It may take longer to make your four-legged friend’s food, but we think it’s worth it…

Unlike most other dog food manufacturers in the UK, here at Laughing Dog we slow bake our entire range of dry dog food from start to finish in our family run bakery.

Using only wholesome ingredients that we grow and source ourselves, our bakers carefully slow cook each batch of Laughing Dog food; ensuring each bag can be traced back to the baker who carefully baked it, the oven in which it was gently baked in and the delicious ingredients that went into the mixing bowl.


All of our dry dog food is oven baked - a slower, more gentle way of cooking - we believe this helps to protect more of the natural goodness and taste of our wholesome ingredients, meaning nothing artificial or additional needs to be added later.

We also believe that slow baking is gentler on tummies and of course oven baking the ingredients also adds an extra crunchy texture too, which we know dogs absolutely love.

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Our recipes have been created by our nutritionists to include a perfect balance of natural ingredients such as farm-grown oats and barley, peas, carrots and linseed oil, and even potatoes for those dogs that are looking for a grain free dog food option, as well as a careful balance of all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to help them live life to the full.

Even if you have the fussiest eater of them all, we guarantee a wagging tail before supper and an empty bowl to finish.

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So, it is certainly safe to say that our Laughing Dog food is enjoyed by all dogs looking for delicious and nutritious wholesome goodness – even the fussiest of dogs woof down our carefully baked creations!

Nearly all of the other dry dog foods available in the UK are cooked in the more conventional way using a process called extrusion. This means cooking foods at a very high pressure and speed; it’s a less expensive way of cooking and has been around since the 1950s. However, here at Laughing Dog we firmly believe that baking our dog food is better than extruding it…

As a result of the extrusion process, some vitamins and proteins in the initial ingredients can become denatured and lost during cooking (some recent case studies show that as much as a 40% loss in vitamins in the original ingredients is average in extruded dog foods). Baking is really different…

The main reason why we believe that baked is better is because the biscuit dough is cooked over a longer, slower period of time. This means we can better protect the natural goodness and deliciousness of our wholesome ingredients; we take so much care growing and selecting our natural ingredients, we don’t want any of the lovely taste or wholesome nutrition lost along the way.

It also means we don’t need to add anything artificial at the end of the process to make it taste and smell good (at the end of the extrusion process an oily coating has to be sprayed on to the food to make it palatable for our four-legged friends).

Slow baking our dog food means that it’s a lot kinder and gentler on our four-legged friends’ tummies. We believe that our baked foods don’t swell or bloat in the stomach like extruded food sometimes can.

As our Laughing Dog kibbles are baked (just like you would cook a biscuit in your oven at home, although our ovens are a little bigger!), it makes the end product a completely different mouth feel and taste compared to other dog foods. Dogs love its very crisp and crunchy texture, which also helps to keep teeth clean and breath fresh! So even if you have the fussiest eater of them all, we guarantee a wagging tail before supper and an empty bowl to finish.

Because our baked kibbles are so nutrient dense, you may find that you can feed less.

We have been baking our Laughing Dog food for three generations on our family farm – our dad Ted Grant firmly believed that slow baking dog food was the very best way to ensure for delicious and nutritious golden nuggets.

And with generations of dogs already baked happy, our bakers certainly won’t be hanging up their aprons any time soon…