You can buy your Laughing Dog products in a number of different ways.

From your local pet shop, online or over the telephone using the Laughing Dog freephone number below. Laughing Dog's delicious dog food keeps our dogs at the farm very happy; buy some today to keep your dog 100% dog happy too!

Join our breeder scheme!

Would you like to feed Laughing Dog to your little ones? Pop an email to [email protected] or call us on 0800 0988057 and we can talk you through all the wonderful benefits to joining our breeder scheme (including free puppy packs for all your new owners!).

Shop local 

If your local pet shop doesn’t stock our delicious and nutritious Laughing Dog dry and wet food, please contact us and we can ensure they are sent a batch fresh off the baking line! We will just need to know the flavour and bag size that you're wishing to purchase and our busy little sales team will do the rest (and they will even pop you a quick call to tell you when to expect it too!).

In order for us to get our tasty food into your four-legged friend's paws as quickly as possible, we will just need a few personal details from you (e.g. your contact details and where you wish to buy from). If you'd like to, please do pop to our privacy policy to read more about how we keep your personal details safe.  

Calling all pet shops!

If you'd like to stock our recipes, just drop us a line on our freephone number 0800 0988057 and our friendly farm bakery team would be delighted to help. 

Would you like images of our products? Simply click here to download high and low resolution photos as well as some handy social media posts. 


You can also discover our tasty recipes in selected supermarkets. Sainsbury's stocks our Wonderfully Wheat Free Chicken and Lamb Complete (2kg bags), Morrisons hold some of our wet dog food recipes, and Booths stock a range of completes and treats. As only selected stores stock our food, we would always advise that you call your local store before travelling to avoid disappointment. 

Lincolnshire Co-op also stock our Wonderfully Wheat Free Cheesy Treats and our Wonderfully Wheat Free Chicken Complete (just look for the local produce aisle and you'll find them safely snuffled away there!).