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For three generations we have been producing dog food at our family farm in Lincolnshire. Now, as part of our mission to help make dogs 100% dog happy, our farm bakery has been extended to include a new farm kitchen, serving delicious and nutritious grain free wet dog food recipes. Like our farm bakery range, we are passionate about using the tastiest wholesome ingredients and preparing them in a gentle way to retain their natural goodness.

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Our wet dog food recipes are all completely grain free, created with only the finest farm-grown ingredients, freshly prepared duck, chicken or lamb and a super-food blend of botanical herbs.

So, even if you have the fussiest eater of them all, we guarantee a wagging tail before supper and an empty bowl to finish!

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These tasty dishes have all the nutrients needed to help keep your dog 100% dog happy and healthy. To add some much deserved extra crunch, simply top with our Gloriously Grain Free Mixer Meal and Completes.

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