Some dogs can be allergic or sensitive to wheat, maize and other common grains like barley, so they need to eat dog foods that are completely free from grain. For these dogs it is possible to replace carbohydrate from grain with vegetable carbohydrates such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and peas, which are known to be much easier to digest.

Yes! The natural ingredients we use and the way we make all of our wholesome foods mean that your dog will enjoy our scrumptious meals even if they can eat grains!

Dogs are incredibly adaptable and most cope really well with a modern day diet of protein and carbohydrates. However, the domestic dog’s ancestors would have had a diet that was far lower in carbohydrates and far higher in meat content. All of our Laughing Dog complete dog foods have been specially formulated to contain sensible levels of protein.

Gloriously Grain Free Dry Completes, Treats and Mixers

As well as 60% meat in our grain free complete dog foods and white fish in our grain free dog treats, we include a delicious variety of naturally healthy ingredients and botanicals, such as linseed, kelp, aloe vera, couch grass, passiflora, nettle, chicory root and valerian root.

Our grain free mixer meal has been specially prepared with delicious sweet potato and carrot as well as a unique blend of botanical herbs including rosehip, peppermint and liquorice root.

All of Laughing Dog’s dry completes, mixer meals and treats are 100% baked and naturally hypo-allergenic.

Gloriously Grain Free Wet Completes

Our grain free wet dog food meals are gently steam cooked and packed with naturally tasty ingredients like succulent chicken, lamb or duck, a superfood blend of botanical herbs, green and root vegetables and extra goodies like cranberry, yucca and seaweed.

Naturally Simple Nourishment

We are incredibly proud of the naturally wholesome ingredients that go into our dog foods. Nothing unnecessary is added to the mixing bowl, just naturally simple nourishment. Our grain free dog food recipes contain no added grains, dairy or soya as well as no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. And absolutely no meat meal!

Like all of our Laughing Dog dry dog food, our dry Gloriously Grain Free completes, mixer meals and treats are all baked on our farm in rural Lincolnshire.

Yes! We bake all of our Gloriously Grain Free dog foods. While baking is a much slower process, it helps to keep all the wholesome goodness of our natural ingredients safely locked inside. We carefully grow and source our delicious ingredients from our family farm, so it's important to ensure we also take care of them during the cooking process. Unlike some extruded dog food which is coated with artificial flavourings, our baked dog food doesn’t need any unpleasant oily coating adding - the baking process simply creates a delicious aroma and taste (just like when you bake at home!). Baked dog food also creates a uniquely crisp and crunchy kibble, which helps to slow down fast eaters, as well as helping to keep teeth clean and breath fresh too.
Laughing Dog Venison Review

Gloriously Grain Free Complete Venison

Thank you for making this food!

My Irish wolfhoud, Genghis is unbelievably fussy with his food. For such a big fella his appetite have never matched. We tried a free sample after we saw your stand at Burghly horse trails and true to his breed he wolfed it down. I spoke to a lady at your stand who explained that because the kibbles aren’t oily Geghis might just like it… he did. I am going to try the Duck next, he has a better diet than me!!!

Jane Holmes

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