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Laughing Dog Meets Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary

20/04/2016  |  Laughing Dog News

This month the Laughing Dog team were delighted to meet dog charity, the Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary...

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March's #doghappy moment

29/03/2016  |  Dog Happy Moments

This month has seen glorious sunshine mixed with short sharp frosts, making the ground glisten and speckles of the lightest fairy dust-like snow coat everything in sight...

It’s been a busy month for those little four-legged friends of ours and their two legged counter parts who have been creating the happiest of #DogHappy moments to share with us, here at the Bakery HQ.


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Share your Dog Happy moments..!

31/01/2016  |  Laughing Dog News

Share your dog happy moments with our bakery....

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