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Healthy New Year

04/01/2018  |  Laughing Dog News

Help your four-legged friend beat the January blues with our healthy and wholesome grain free chicken dinner recipe!

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Cheesy Cracker Biscuits

15/12/2017  |  Naturally Wholesome Recipes

Cheesy Cracker Biscuits

Why not make your four-legged friend our deliciously cheesy cracker biscuits this Christmas. Packed full of goodness, they are a gloriously great treat your furry friend, as well as being 100% wheat free.

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Merry Berry Biscuits

11/12/2017  |  Naturally Wholesome Recipes

Bake your four-leged friend 100% dog happy with our wholesome and naturally tasty cranberry cookies. 100% grain free and delicious!

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Naturally Wholesome

01/11/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

Natural dog food, 100% natural, natural pet food - the words natural and dog food are everywhere today. And quite rightly so! We crave natural and fresh food, so why shouldn't we have it on the menu for our four-legged friends too? But how can you be sure that your dog food really is natural? Our bakers take a look at why Laughing Dog food is full of natural goodness and why you can be sure that it really is providing a wholesome and complete diet for your four-legged friend.

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Meet Bob, Bella and Beatrice who have no need for hypoallergenic diets!

13/06/2016  |  Naturally Wholesome Recipes

Meet Bob, Bella and Beatrice. They're three dogs with three very different tastes, but the one thing they all have in common is that Laughing Dog makes all three of their tails wag and their tummies 100% dog happy. Want to know why? Read more here...

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