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National Pet Month is here!

01/04/2016  |  Doggy Facts

Here at Laughing Dog HQ, we’re passionate about making dog’s 100% dog happy in every aspect of their life starting with the importance of feeding the most delicious and nurititious food to keep their tummies happy right down to ensuring top class tail-wagging...

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March's #doghappy moment

29/03/2016  |  Dog Happy Moments

This month has seen glorious sunshine mixed with short sharp frosts, making the ground glisten and speckles of the lightest fairy dust-like snow coat everything in sight...

It’s been a busy month for those little four-legged friends of ours and their two legged counter parts who have been creating the happiest of #DogHappy moments to share with us, here at the Bakery HQ.


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Grain free dog foods: enjoyed by all...!

24/03/2016  |  Laughing Dog News

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between wheat free and grain free dog foods? Our nutritionists have put together a little industry insight to help you and your dog on your foody journey...


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We're on the road!

11/03/2016  |  Laughing Dog News

Our recent addition to the Laughing Dog marketing team has just gone mobile! Meet TED, our hand-built 1951 Morris J-Van....

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The Countdown to Crufts...

19/02/2016  |  Show News

The yearly event which is as the heart of every dog lovers’ calendar is soon to be upon us.

Whether you want to trawl the infinite number of dog centric aisles in the search of a new addition to bring into your family or are fascinated by the endless hours of pooch pampering to ensure each four-legged friend is a head turning showstopper in the ring or are just merely are looking for a fun day out for all of the family, here at Laughing Dog, we’re counting down the weeks to Crufts 2016 which promises to be one of our most exciting stands yet...

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