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June's #doghappy moment

18/05/2017  |  Dog Happy Moments

This month has seen glorious sunshine mixed with short sharp frosts, as well as rain. But fear not, summer is fast approaching and we all cannot wait...

It’s been a busy month for those little four-legged friends of ours and their two legged counter parts who have been creating the happiest of #DogHappy moments to share with us, here at the Bakery HQ.

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Introducing our new Sponsored Dogs!


We're all really excited here at Laughing Dog and that's because we can finally introduce you to our three sponsored dogs!

 Over the last couple of weeks we've been working hard to find three dogs that not only love our food, treats and completes, but also three owners that are equally as passionate about Laughing Dog as their four-legged companions. 

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02/05/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

Do you have what it takes to #GetWilliamLaughing?

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Sweet William Interview

28/04/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

This month we've interviewed the wonderful 'Sweet William Design's owner Emma to find out all about her four-legged friend William and his cheeky habits!

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Celebrity Dogs

17/02/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

Cheer up your frosty February evenings with a look at some of our favourite celebrity dogs…

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