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Baked with Love

30/01/2018  |  Farm Bakery Recipes

Baked with Love Muffins 

Why not bake your four-legged friend our deliciously homemade dog treats? Wheat Free Spiced Muffins, simply pawfect for this Valentine's day and packed full of yumminess....

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Dog Happy Pet Shops

15/01/2018  |  Dog Happy Moments

You know they are dog happy by nature when...

Calling all pet shops! If you are a pet parent, why not join our dog happy by nature campaign? You could win £500 of Laughing Dog food for your shop!

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Recieve a free gift with all Grain Free Wet food!

15/01/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

To beat the January blues, our bakers are giving away a deliciously wholesome and naturally heathy FREE gift with every order of our Gloriously Grain Free Wet dog food!

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A Dog Happy New Year's Resolution

09/01/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

Each year we challenge ourselves to New Year’s Resolutions and see what changes we can make. This year though our bakers have challenged our four-legged friends.... Bessie, the Boxer, has been challenged by her hooman parents to stop breaking all the squeakers in her toys within 5 minutes… can she do it?

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Healthy New Year

04/01/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

Help your four-legged friend beat the January blues with our healthy and wholesome grain free chicken dinner recipe!

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