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02/05/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

Do you have what it takes to #GetWilliamLaughing?

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Sweet William Interview

28/04/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

This month we've interviewed the wonderful 'Sweet William Design's owner Emma to find out all about her four-legged friend William and his cheeky habits!

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Celebrity Dogs

17/02/2017  |  Doggy Facts

Cheer up your frosty February evenings with a look at some of our favourite celebrity dogs…

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January's Dog Happy Moment

16/02/2017  |  Dog Happy Moments

Caught on camera inbetween the blankets, stealing food, catching balls or curled up with their favourite two-legged companion on the sofa; each month we pick our favourite #doghappy moment from the month's bountiful array of photographs of our mischevious, lovable and loyal four-legged friends. To see this month's winner, just click to find out more... 

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Roses are red...

14/02/2017  |  Laughing Dog News

Happy Valentine's day from us all at the bakery. Click to read our baker's poem especially written for you and your favourite four-legged friends.

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