Is peanut butter safe for dogs? We know that peanut butter flavoured dog treats are becoming more and more popular…but does that make peanut butter safe for dogs?

What peanut butter can I feed my dog?

There are various dog-friendly brands of peanut that can be served out the jar and spread on treats, lick mats or stuffed into Kong treat toys. You can also feed your dog normal jars of unsalted peanut butter, which you would typically buy for yourself, providing you check the label very carefully. Peanut butter cannot contain xylitol if you’re planning to feed it to your dog. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener which frequently used in products to add flavour without adding sugar, but it is highly toxic to dogs and must be avoided at all costs.

It is also important to look out for palm oil. While this isn’t a poisonous ingredient unlike xylitol, it is toxic and does cause laxative effects for dogs and in large quantities can cause lasting stomach upsets.

The solution is to opt for dog-friendly peanut butter brands (there are plenty on the market) or peanut butter which lists just the one ingredient: Roasted Peanuts Whole Skin On (100%). If in any doubt, we’d recommend you go for one which is made specifically for dogs.

How much peanut butter is safe for my dog?

As with any food or treat for dogs, it is always important to feed within the feeding guidelines and when it comes to treats; in moderation. Even the most healthy of dog food and treats become unhealthy when a dog is overfed.
As a general rule of thumb, a small dog shouldn’t exceed more than half a teaspoon of peanut butter a day, while a large dog shouldn’t exceed more than one full teaspoon of peanut butter a day.

A teaspoon full in a Kong toy, for example, will keep a dog entertained for a while and is the perfect amount as a tasty treat without the consequences. Dog-friendly peanut butter can also be a great dog training aid too.

An advantage of buying a specifically dog-friendly peanut butter brand is that it will guide you with the amounts that are safe for your dog. Here at Laughing Dog, we’d also always recommend that you check feeding guidelines with your vet too.

What is a good peanut butter alternative for dogs?

If you’re wary about giving your dog peanut butter, there are treat alternatives on the market. Laughing Dog Fruity Paws is a safe and healthy dog treat flavoured with strawberry and peanut butter. It has been carefully crafted to include limited ingredients, including ginger which is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help joints, and linseed to help maintain healthy skin, glossy coats and good immunity.

For more information on healthy dog foods and other information, guides check out our latest posts.

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