Dr Louisa Graham’s Top Tips for Taking Your Dog Out in the Sun!

A misconception that a lot of people don’t realise is that pets can get sunburn too. Sadly, they can, and this can lead to flaky and damaged skin. When the weather is warm, make sure your dog is hydrated at all times and check the pavement or ground is not too hot by touching the floor with the back of your hand for 5 seconds – if you can’t hold it there, then it’s too hot for any furry paws!

Do not walk or exercise in the heat at all – your dog will keep going and we will push them too far without realising. I always walk in the morning or at night out of the heat of the day.

If you do exercise when sunny, do so where there is plenty of shade and take lots of stops if you’re unsure about the heat. If you have access, try and get your dog to cool off in body water – my spaniel Finn loves jumping in streams and shallow lakes to cool off!

Don’t cover your pets with wet towels as the towels can actually get warm, which stops them cooling down!

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