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12/01/2017  |  Dog Happy Moments

It's the time of year when everyone feels like their waistbands have been stretched and it's time to take control again and make some New Year's resolutions; to eat better, to be more active, be nicer neighbours and so on, four-legged friends included. What better way to beat the January blues than with a little incentive of a very tasty selection of our tail waggingly good oven-baked goodies for your favourite friend.

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December's Dog Happy Moment

10/01/2017  |  Dog Happy Moments

Caught on camera inbetween the blankets, stealing food, catching balls or curled up with their favourite two-legged companion on the sofa; each month we pick our favourite #doghappy moment from the month's bountiful array of photographs of our mischevious, lovable and loyal four-legged friends. To see this month's winner, just click to find out more... 

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Christmas jumper day...well outfit

23/12/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

As the old addage goes, Charity starts at home and although work isn't quite 'home' we thought it was a jolly good place to start to raising some pre-Christmas funds for the wonderful charity, Save the Children..

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Ready, steady...bake!

14/12/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

Last week saw us busily celebrating and baking, but this time, baking for a different kind of reason to the usual which is to make delicious and nutritious goodies to keep your four-legged friend's happy. We were been baking goodies for us all to eat!

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Albert’s wonderful white road to recovery

06/12/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

We love hearing about when we have helped four-legged friends back to full 100% dog happy health so for all owners out there with dogs with skin problems, this is certainly a read for you as to how the remarkable road to recovery to little Albert’s hair regrowth was all helped down with a good serving of Laughing Dog.

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