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North, South, East and West...where to next?

12/08/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

We’ve have a very busy few months at the bakery, and we love nothing more than on the weekend adventuring to different areas of the country to talk face to paw to our customers whilst helping to support the many dog events which go on around the UK. Here’s a little round up of the year since Crufts...

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Laughing Dog Partners with the Cornish Cottage Holidays

09/08/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with the luxuriously gorgeous (and very dog-friendly) Cornish Cottage Holidays...!

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Can I interested you in a sample Pooch?

27/07/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

Now what can be better for your beloved canine companion than the opportunity to get their paws on some of the most delicious and nutritious slowly oven-baked goodies around? (We’d say nothing, but then that’s because we’re a little biased but, we think with every good reason we’re allowed to be…we hope you agree?)...

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July's Dog Happy Moment

27/07/2016  |  Dog Happy Moments

Caught on camera inbetween the blankets, stealing food, catching balls or curled up with their favourite two-legged companion on the sofa; each month we pick our favourite #doghappy moment from the month's bountiful array of photographs of our mischevious, lovable and loyal four-legged friends. To see this month's winner, just click to find out more...

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Tails to the office!

30/06/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

For most people, 24th June came and went just like any other day in the year however, for those with four-legged friends it was a very exciting day if you 1. Worked in an office and 2. Worked in an office which permitted animals as this day of the year celebrates, ‘Bring your dog to work day’...

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