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Short back and sides...

01/12/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

Just like us when we wake up in the morning, there is nothing nicer than detangling our manes and putting a fabulous sheen back into our locks. So why, should it be any different for your dog?

Not only is dog grooming vital to remove all of those itchy loose hairs but it’s a fantastic way to bond with your four-legged friend – especially if you start when they are a puppy...


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Meet Jess

24/11/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

Meet Jess - vet and chief rescuer of waifs and strays (aka Bobbie and Nala), and the newest member of the Laughing Dog farm bakery team...


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Black Friday is here early...

21/11/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

This year our bakers are celebrating Black Friday with a dog happy deal that promises to get your four-legged friend's tail waggling (and will most probably put a smile on your face too!).

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Meet Max

09/11/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

Max is a very special Saluki Cross who joined Jerry Green’s East Yorkshire centre earlier this year. He has seen many dogs come and go while he’s been there and is very keen to find his forever home.

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Keeping Your Dog Safe Through Winter

08/11/2018  |  Farm Bakery News

Here are a few tips from our bakers to keep your four-legged friends safe during those cold winter days and nights....

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