Some dogs can be allergic or sensitive to wheat gluten in their diet, and this can cause digestion and also skin irritations. We also keep rice and soya away from our mixing bowls to try and prevent anything that would stop your dog being 100% dog happy. Instead we use barley, which is a great source of dietary fibre, and oats which can help to look after cholesterol in dogs.

Yes! The nutritious ingredients and the way we make all our naturally wholesome foods mean that your dog will enjoy our scrumptious oven baked foods even if they can eat wheat!

At Laughing Dog we are completely transparent and hide nothing from our four-legged friends. All our wheat free dog food recipes have a single meat protein source. Single meat source means that all of our meat sources e.g. lamb in the Wonderfully Wheat Free Lamb, is from that one source e.g. lamb. Therefore in any of our single meat source foods you will never find that it has meat from one animal e.g. lamb, and an oil from another e.g. fish. It would only ever be from the same protein source.

We also include plenty of dog happy ingredients. These include goodies like chicory root to help maintain a healthy digestive system, linseed which is a rich source of omega 3 and can help keep skin and coats healthy, and wholesome vegetables like peas and carrots to provide Vitamin A & B. As with all of our hypo-allergenic dog food recipes, you’ll find no added soya or dairy, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

As with all of our Laughing Dog foods, our Wonderfully Wheat Free completes and dog treats are made on our own farm bakery in rural Lincolnshire.

Laughing Dog Wonderfully Wheat Free Chicken Review

Wonderfully Wheat Free Chicken

My dog was so fussy before!

I was really impressed with the food. My first reaction was ‘Wow, it actually smells nice!’ as some doggy foods can really whiff and be rather repulsive. Sometimes when I’ve tried a new food, the dogs have liked it initially, but then the novelty has worn off. However with the Laughing Dog food my dogs came dashing up to me day after day, tails wagging, ready for their meal. I also liked the company ethos – being a small family business making natural pet food on its own farm appealed to me.

Helen Tovey

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