Our Wonderfully Wheat Free dog food is naturally simple to live life 100% dog happy!

A few dogs, similar to people, can have delicate stomachs and skin. They can likewise have unfavourable responses to wheat and wheat gluten and a particular need to stay away from these kinds of ingredients. Or simply pet parents prefer to feed their dog a wheat free eating regimen. 

Numerous dog foods contain wheat and wheat gluten which some dogs can have adverse reactions to. This is a key motivation behind why numerous dog owners decide to change to a wheat free dog food diet.


What is wheat free dog food?

A wheat free dog food is considered to be any dog food manufactured to contain no added wheat and wheat gluten. These include carbohydrate ingredients such as barley and oats (here at Laughing Dog, we are able to grow these cereals on our farm!). 

There are many common misconceptions and lack of clarity around the differences between wheat free, grain free and gluten free in the dog food industry. Mostly because of the diverse range of different grains and cereals available in dog foods, some which contain wheat or wheat gluten and others which do not. A wheat free dog food is not necessarily grain free. Wheat is a type of grain, but excluding just this grain from the ingredients list does not mean other grains are not in there. Wheat free dog foods can therefore contain grains such as barley which is wheat and wheat gluten free, but still a grain.  

Should I choose grain free or wheat free dog food?

Some dogs require a special eating routine because of unfavourable responses to specific grains or grains in general, and have been advised by a vet to avoid wheat as well as other grains from their eating regimen. In view of the individual requirements of the dog, a vet will decide if you need to choose a wheat free or grain free dog food diet. In any case, many pet parents choose a grain free dog food on the misguided judgment that it is carb free – and this is not always the case. Albeit a grain free dog food is liberated from some starch grains, the dog food may contain different types of carbs like potato or sweet potato. Carbohydrate in pet food gives a helpful and readily available source of metabolisable energy and fibre, so it isn’t something to forget about, except if for clinical reasons or if you have sought advice from a vet. 

Many grain free dog food sources will contain white potato or sweet potato as carbs, which are full of antioxidants and a good source of soluble fibre. Most dog owners pick a wheat free or grain free diet as a more gentle option of getting nutrients into their four-legged friends, even if it isn’t for medical reasons.

If it is wheat free dog food that your vet has advised, you can of course choose grain free dog food as this will be naturally wheat free too. 

Are wheat free pet foods healthier? 

The most important factor when choosing what diet to feed your dog is whether or not it provides a complete and balanced diet. The best way to ensure for a healthy diet is to make sure you are feeding a complete pet food that is right for your dog’s breed and life stage. Some pet parents prefer to feed wheat free or grain free diets even though there dog does not need to avoid grains, and that is completely fine – and there are lots of different foods out there to choose from!


Laughing Dog’s wheat free dog food


At Laughing Dog we specialise in naturally complete dog foods, wheat free dog foods and grain free dog foods along with baked dog foods. Our naturally wheat free dishes are perfect for dogs with an adverse reaction to wheat and wheat gluten (because they contain no added wheat), as well as those dogs just looking for mealtimes brimming with lots of nourishing goodness and natural foodie flavour

All our wheat free dog recipes are single species and are made using barley straight from our farm in Lincolnshire. In addition to this, our dog foods are also hypoallergenic

We are proud to say that our range of Naturally 5 dog food, our Wonderfully Wheat Free dog foods and our Naturally Complete dog foods are enjoyed by all dogs craving delicious and nutritious foods – not just those with a specific need for wheat free dog foods!

We never add anything artificial and firmly believe that natural is best. Our passion is to help keep dogs 100% dog happy and we believe the only way to do this is through simple, nutritious recipes made with wholesome ingredients (and absolutely no mixed meat meal!). Our complete and balanced dog foods have no added soya, dairy, wheat, wheat gluten or any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our Wonderfully Wheat Free dog food range includes our Wonderfully Wheat Free Adult Complete (lamb and chicken), and our Naturally 5 dog foods (chicken, lamb and beef), and of course our Naturally Complete range of dog foods (our Naturally Complete range is grain and wheat free). The more sensitive souls amongst us don’t have to go without a treat or two because we have crafted a special range of wheat free dog treats. These naturally wheat free and wheat gluten free dog treats are perfect as a snack or as pocket-sized training aids. Choose from our Fruity Paws, Cheesy Bites, Chewy Boosts and our Joint Care Oaties which are gentle on tummies and great for joint care. Remember that our grain free dog treats are also wheat free too. 


Did we mention that our expert nutritionists have also created an oven-baked wheat free mixer meal?

This deliciously tasty wheat free mixer meal for dogs is the perfect complement to feed to our four-legged friends alongside fresh or tinned/trays of meat, our naturally wheat free wet dog foods or as part of a BARF diet to provide some much-needed crunch (and helps to keep teeth clean and breath fresh too!). Our wheat free mixer is a complementary pet food designed to be fed with meat to create a complete and balanced meal for dogs.