Our Wonderfully Wheat Free is naturally simple to live life 100% dog happy!

Some dogs, like humans, can be sensitive to wheat and wheat gluten. This is why we have created a Wonderfully Wheat Free dog food range, which is completely free of wheat and wheat gluten as well as our Laughing Dog Naturally 5 range of dog food, which is a special limited ingredient range of meals free of wheat and wheat gluten too.

In addition to being hypoallergenic, our four-legged friends will also discover that our wheat free dog food recipes are single species and are made using barley straight from our farm in Lincolnshire. Our Gloriously Grain Free dog range of completes and treats are also free of wheat as well as other grains like rice, oats and barley.

Why do you have an oven-baked range of dog food?

Not all of our dog food ranges are oven-baked, but our Wonderfully Wheat Free and Gloriously Grain Free dog food ranges are naturally oven-baked. Not only does this create a naturally delicious smell and taste (just like when you bake at home), we believe that baking our dog food makes our kibbles extra crunchy and crisp too, which helps to slow down fast eaters and helps keep breath fresh too!

Why do you have a limited ingredient dog food range?

We know that clean labels are really important to pet parents and this is why we created a special wheat free range of completes, Naturally 5, which are made with just 5 simple and nourishing ingredients. Every ingredient works hard to ensure for a clear benefit, creating a complete and balanced recipe that ensures for healthy digestion, immunity, joints, teeth and bones.

We believe that natural is best 

We never add anything artificial and firmly believe that natural is best. Our passion is to help keep dogs 100% dog happy and we believe the only way to do this is through simple, nutritious recipes made with wholesome and naturally sourced ingredients.

Alongside our Naturally 5 Chicken, Lamb and Beef complete dog food recipes, and our Wonderfully Wheat Free Baked Lamb, Chicken and Salmon complete dog food recipes, we have tasty wheat free dog treats to enjoy too – joint care, dental and cheesy. Our grain-free range of dog treats (white fish, morning, noon and night) are also made with no added wheat or wheat gluten.

All dogs can enjoy our naturally delicious and wholesome dog foods – even those without a need for wheat-free diets.