Welcome to the slow baked and naturally wholesome world of Laughing Dog.

Welcome to the naturally wholesome world of
Laughing Dog

From Wonderfully Wheat Free Chicken to Gloriously Grain Free Venison. We have created a recipe to keep your dog 100% Dog Happy!

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Baking the nation Dog Happy!

Unlike most dog foods you can buy in shops and supermarkets, we make all our dog food ourselves, so we can check and trace every delicious bag that goes out of our bakery back to the field the ingredients grew in, the baker who carefully created it and the warm oven it was carefully baked in.

We are also the only dog food that offers slow baked goodness across every product we make and that’s because we believe your dog deserves the very best.

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Oven Baked Goodness

We make Laughing Dog using a totally different cooking method. All our food is oven baked - a slower, more gentle way of cooking, which locks in more of the goodness and taste of the wholesome ingredients, meaning nothing artificial or additional needs to be added later.

Our recipes are created with a perfect balance of natural ingredients such as farm grow mobile-rown oats and barley, peas, carrots and linseed oil and even potatoes for those dogs that are looking for a grain free option. Oven baking the ingredients adds an extra crunchy texture too, which we know dogs absolutely love.

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