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Welcome to Laughing Dog's range of dog treats!

We carefully select all of our naturally sourced ingredients to make sure only the best go into our dog treats, ensuring your four-legged friend's tail keeps wagging!

We believe that dog treats are an important aspect of reward and a dog's life, but there is no reason why they can't be on the healthy side. We even stock grain free dog treats and wheat free dog treats, so even if your dog does not have any sensitivities you can rest assured that all our products are gentle yet packed full of all the nutrients they need.

Our range of dog treats caters for all dogs, large and small and all needs; from calming dog treats to nutritional. Our carefully selected ingredients from the finest chicken to peanut butter, chamomile, ginger and sweet potato are each selected due to their health benefits. Ranging from anti-inflammatories to aiding digestion. Keep those tails wagging with our healthy range of dog treats from Laughing Dog!