Welcome to our Breeder Club

Naturally dog happy since 1936

For three generations we have been making delicious and nutritious food on our family farm in the heart of Lincolnshire. Unlike most other dog food manufacturers in the UK, our entire range of dry completes, treats and mixer meals are made from start to finish in our farm bakery, using only wholesome ingredients that we grow and source ourselves.

Our range of food includes oven-baked recipes. While baking is a much slower way of cooking, it is known to be gentler on tummies.

• It better protects the nutrient rich vitamins of our wholesome ingredients (so we don’t have to add anything artificial to the biscuit once it’s cooked).

• Our oven-baked kibbles have a uniquely crisp and crunchy texture, which helps to keep teeth clean. The taste of our kibbles is loved by even the fussiest of dogs.

• Baking creates wibbly-wobbly edges, which means dogs have to chew their food properly, helping to slow down fast eaters and keeping teeth clean and breath fresh.

How does it work?

Our programme has been set up to provide you with the most nutritious and delicious oven-baked food for your whole team and their little ones. We also welcome dog trainers.

Bountiful benefits*

Access to exclusive offers & trials. Free next day delivery.

• Receive a free bag of food for referring the scheme to other breeders & when your puppy owners purchase our food.

• Free puppy packs to give to all your new owners (including a free 2kg bag of our Wonderfully Wheat Free Baked Puppy Complete or a 1.5kg bag of our Natural Baked Grain Free Puppy Complete, vouchers, a free puppy blanket, plus a ‘Little Paws’ puppy booklet).

• Dedicated team of nutritionists available for advice and support.


Joining is easy

To register with us, simply contact us at the details below.

For more information about our products or to talk to our nutritionists,

simply contact us at the bakery directly on 0800 098 8057 or

[email protected]

*T&Cs apply