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laughing dog food subscription

Welcome to our Laughing Dog Food Subscription Service!

Our Laughing Dog Food subscription service offers you 15% off every order and FREE DELIVERY at a frequency that suits you. Plus all subscription customers get the flexibility to pause or cancel at any time. Here’s our subscription how-to guide if you’re thinking of creating a subscription, or want to brush up on the features as an existing subscriber.

Firstly, your orders and payments will trigger automatically at the frequency you have selected, giving you the luxury of naturally-delicious dog food delivered to your doorstep completely stress-free!

With our brand-new service you will be able to:
Amend your subscription frequency
Hold multiple subscriptions under one account
Amend billing and shipping information
Amend payment details
Update your card details/ payment type
Cancel subscriptions


…and so much more!

How-to Guide:

1. Login to your account on our website (if you don’t already have one simply register – it’s quick and easy!). You should receive a welcome email from us once you register so just remember to check your junk folder for anything that comes through.
2. When you are ready to set up your dog food subscription, simply go to the shop and find the product you would like in your subscription.
3. It’s important that you select the size/weight and quantity you would like and then a little further down the page, click on ‘subscribe and save.’ This will display a new price (your product with a 15% discount!)
4. Next, choose your frequency and then add to your basket.
5. If you would like lots of different products in your subscription (food and treats for example) you just need to ensure that you add them all at this stage before you checkout. Once your subscription is set up, you won’t be able to change the products that are in it.  If you wish to have different frequencies in place for different products, for example, you would like treats every six weeks but mixer meal every month, you will need to set up separate subscriptions.
6. Now go to your basket and ensure all the products that you have chosen for your subscription specify that they are subscription items, they are highlighted in blue so it should be easy to double check. If you want to purchase some other products as a ‘one-off’ then don’t worry, you can do this at the same time you set up your subscription, you don’t need to do a separate transaction.
7. Check-out as normal.
8. Sit back and relax, knowing your naturally-delicious dog food will be delivered to your door, stress-free!

What Changes Can I Make To My Laughing Dog Food Subscription?

Now that you have set up your subscription, there are some nice features that will hopefully make life a little easier when it comes to managing payment dates, frequencies, products and more.

How do I access my subscription?

Log into your Laughing Dog account via the website. You will be presented with your account dashboard and from here, you can access your subscription by clicking on ‘My Subscriptions.’ This will show you both active and cancelled subscriptions and allow you to go in and edit certain elements.

How do I edit the frequency of my subscription?

On an active subscription, you will see the option to click ‘edit.’ This will then show you the parts of your subscription that can be amended. Simply click into edit the frequency to what you want and then click ‘save subscription’ at the bottom. This change will take effect AFTER your next subscription order is triggered. If you have changed the frequency of your subscription because you need more space between your deliveries and you don’t want your next order to trigger just yet, you must also change your current payment date.

How do I change my payment date?

Click ‘edit’ next to ‘Next Payment Date’ and you will then be able to choose the date that your subscription is due to trigger. If you have edited your frequency, you may also want to go into this section to change the payment date. Similarly, if you wish to bring your payment date forward because you need your dog food sooner, you can do so. Please bear in mind that the system will only allow you to move your payment date up to 48 hours of the day you are editing it on. For example, if you are editing your payment date on a Friday, the earliest you can bring your payment date forward to will be the following Monday.

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, you can change your shipping address as many times as you would like. Simply click on ‘Edit’ and update your address as needed.

Can I change my billing address?

Yes, you can change your billing address. You will need to change this in your ‘Account Information’ and this can be accessed via the dashboard on ‘My Account.’

Can I update my card details?

Yes, if you go into the subscription that you want to update payment details for, simply click on ‘edit,’ enter your new card details and save.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. To pause your subscription, you need to click into your active subscription and then click on the link at the top right that says ‘cancel.’ Currently, this function only pauses, if you would like to permanently cancel your subscription, please contact us on 0800 098 8057 or email Please note though, if your subscription remains inactive by being paused or cancelled for more than 30 days, your account with Laughing Dog will become a non-subscription account and will revert to a general Laughing Dog customer account, no longer enabling you to enjoy free delivery and 15% discount with every order. To renew your subscription, you need to create a brand new subscription with us.

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