Traditional Mixer Meal
Traditional Mixer Meal
Traditional Mixer Meal

Traditional Mixer Meal


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Made to the original 1936 Laughing Dog recipe, our natural oven-baked Traditional Mixer Meal is the perfect accompaniment to raw diets. This mixer meal contains crunchy biscuits which can be fed alongside tripe, raw, cooked or canned meat, or you can feed with our own delicious and nutritious Laughing Dog wet food - our Gloriously Grain Free Casseroles and Hotpots - to make a balanced and complete meal. Alternatively, you can simply mix with warm water to make a fluffy porridge for your four-legged friend! As this mixer meal is gently oven-baked, the biscuits are extra crisp and crunchy, which is great for helping to keep teeth clean and breath fresh

  • Made on our farm with 100% British Wheatmeal
  • No added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Endorsed by the Canine Epilepsy Support Group
  • Recyclable packaging
  • 100% dog happy guaranteed or your money back!

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Breed SizeGrams per day
Toy - upto 5kg 90-120g mixed with Laughing Dog Farm Kitchen wet food. Alternatively with fresh or canned meat.
Small - 5-12kg 120-180g mixed with Laughing Dog Farm Kitchen wet food. Alternatively with fresh or canned meat.
Medium - 12-25kg 180-285g mixed with Laughing Dog Farm Kitchen wet food. Alternatively with fresh or canned meat.
Large - 25-45kg 285-560g mixed with Laughing Dog Farm Kitchen wet food. Alternatively with fresh or canned meat.
Giant - 45-70kg 560-870g mixed with Laughing Dog Farm Kitchen wet food. Alternatively with fresh or canned meat.

This guide is approximate and should be adjusted according to the activity level of your dog. When introducing Laughing Dog, do so gradually over a period of 7 days, increasing the proportion of Laughing Dog daily.

Fresh drinking water should always be available for your dog. Made in a pet food bakery handling other cereals. Store in a cool, dry place.

Good value for money.

I was looking for a suitable mixer meal for a Jack Russell Terrier, who bolts his food. This coarse dog meal is ideal as most dog meals are moulded pellets that he would just swallow whole. With this coarse meal he does crunch it up before he swallows it. I also think that because it's not a concentrated complete food he finds it more satisfying. I choose a good quality British made wet dog meat to mix with it. Jack will be 10 yrs old this year he's always maintained a healthy weight, his teeth never need any treatment his vet can't fault his health. The advice was 'carry on with what ever you're doing because he's a very healthy dog'. I have 2 terriers they both have the same diet and both very healthy and full of energy. I buy the large size bag, it's very good value for money it lasts between 2-3 mths to maintain the freshness I store it in a black plastic dustbin with a tight fitting lid.



Molly & Wills

Molly and Wills absolutely love your traditional mixer meal! They've been eating it since we met you at Crufts two years ago.

David B.


Whole-Wheat Terrier Meal

As we have a Westie with Serious Allergies to Chicken and Corn (maize) among other things, we were most concerned when we found our original meal now contained these or derivatives of them. A Google search led us to Laughing Dog and a telephone call confirmed freedom from those particular allergens. 15Kg ordered and received in VERY short order, which has been fed to all our dogs. NO ill effects seen in our Westie and the others seem to love it, even the youngster, who is quite fussy about the size of meal. Definitely will reorder when we get toward the end of the sack. How do I rate the product, 5*, how do I rate the service 5* and some!

Brian ( Dandie.Man)


Terrier Mixer

I have used this product for years,originally through my meat supplier and now directly from Laughing Dog. My dogs love it both as a mixer with their meat and the larger pieces (which I pick out!) as treats/rewards. I like the fact that it is an unadulterated mixer and so can give it with no worries. It is a reasonable price too. I also find the company very helpful and I can also rely on them for prompt delivery.



Excellent all round!

Order for 15Kg Whole-wheat Terrier Meal placed yesterday before 11.00am.
Man ringing doorbell just before 10am today with the box of meal.
Now THATS what I call SERVICE. (And Free Delivery!) I've had PAID FOR NEXT DAY delivery that takes longer than that.
Top marks to the Company and Couriers for this and if the Dogs take to the meal, (and I'm sure they will), I'll be back for a repeat order.



Terrier Mix

We tried for months to find a suitable mixer biscuit for Hollie, our Border Collie, when we came across Laughing Dog at one of our local supermarket, this was OK then they stopped stocking it for reasons known only to themselves, so we started getting it direct via the internet and I must say this works perfectly, no trouble ordering and no trouble with delivery, so we have one happy dog who absolutely loves the biscuits and on happy owner who doesn't need to search for the mixers, the treats are also very tasty according to Hollie.



Laughing dog terrier mix.

My wired haired vizsla developed signs of petition mall epilepsy which was starting to increase in frequency and intensity. I contacted the canine epilepsy society and found it was food driven . They recommended laughing dog mixer as part of his food regime and he has been fit free for a year now which included a working shooting season.
Thank goodness for laughing dog oh and the canine epilepsy society.

Working dog


A must have for my epileptic dog

I was recommended the mixer for my epileptic Cavalier by a canine epilepsy charity, after they analysed her diet. Lucy now has the mixer in with her food at meal times & in addition has it as treats too. As she is very food sensitive (this can have a direct impact on her epilepsy) the mixer has been perfect for her, as its plain but Lucy loves it. As you can soak it too, its ideal for medication time, as I can hide Lucy's tablets in a piece & she wolfs it down. I would recommend the mixer to anyone.



Traditional Mixer

I wanted more control over my dog's diet. This plain mixer meal is ideal. I can add what I want to it. I think with some all-in-one foods it's all too easy to feed too much concentrate which can lead to weight problems. I also find that the dogs are more satisfied as the wholegrain mixer fills them up and gives them plenty of fibre, this reduces to pproblem of embacked anul glands, neither of my dogs have ever had this problem.. The coarse texture rather than the neat small shapes of complete dogfood encourages my dogs to chew their food more and it helps to keep their gums and teeth healthier. My 8yr old Jack Russell and 6 yr old crossbreed have no teeth problems. So many folks with dogs that I know complain of problems with their dog's diet I can thoroughly recommend to get back to basics and feed your dog plain uncomplicated food. Thank you Laughing Dog because I struggled to find food like this in the shops then luckily I found it in an idependent pet shop and tried a small amount and have bought it ever since.



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Wheat is just one of a number of different cereals. The most common cereals include maize, barley, oats and wheat. Wheat free means that it may contain other cereals, but does not contain any added wheat. Our Wonderfully Wheat Free dog foods contain barley and oats which provide a much slower source of energy release compared to wheat which means they give off their energy more slowly as it takes longer for the body to break it down and digest it. Importantly, neither barley nor oats contain any wheat gluten, which can often be the common cause of allergies in dogs.

Our range of baked-to-perfection Wonderfully Wheat Free completes and treats are enjoyed by all dogs craving delicious and nutritious foods – not just those with sensitive tummies.

Grain free means that the product contains no added grains – therefore it does not contain any cereals such as barley, wheat, maize, rice or oats. Our Gloriously Grain Free dog foods all use potato as a base, which is an easily digestible source of slow release energy and contains no wheat gluten. It is perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies (because it’s wheat free), those with cereal intolerances and a specific need to avoid grains, or purely if you would just prefer to feed your dog a grain free diet.

Our range of baked-to-perfection Gloriously Grain Free completes and treats are enjoyed by all dogs craving delicious and nutritious foods – not just those with a specific need for grain free.

Our entire range despite being hypo-allergenic and suitable for dogs with specific dietary allergens and intolerances can also be fed as a nutritious and delicious diet for those dogs with no specific dietary complaints or requirements. Because Laughing Dog is baked slowly it retains all of the natural goodness of the ingredients; giving them a delicious baked taste and is also great for keeping teeth clean and breath fresh with its natural crisp crunch.

As with any complete food, it is not necessary to feed any additional source of food when feeding a complete food as it means that contained within the food are all of the nutritional requirements needed by your dog. However, should you wish to feed a wet food alongside our complete dog food, we would always recommend reducing the recommended feeding guideline quantity of the dry complete and replacing it with a little wet food. You could either do this in the same meal as feeding the dry complete or you could feed a wet meal, for example, in the morning and then a dry meal in the evening. If you have any dietary concerns about your dog or are worried it may have an allergy or intolerance, please talk to your vet for further advice.

You do not need to soak Laughing Dog complete (but if your little four legged friend has no teeth or prefers it, you of course can). If you do soak it, some of the benefits which result from the product being baked which creates its crisp and crunchy texture may be reduced. Because we slow bake our dog biscuits, you get a much crisper, crunchier biscuit which helps stop dogs bolting their food and eating too quickly. The increased chewing action and as a result, the scouring action helps keep your dog’s breath fresher and teeth cleaner too! Because there is no pressure involved in the cooking process, our baked food doesn’t swell in your dog’s tummy like other dog foods either (it’s just like us eating a biscuit we’ve baked in our oven at home).

Single meat source means that all of our meat sources e.g. lamb in the Wonderfully Wheat Free Lamb, is from that one source i.e. lamb. Therefore in any of our single meat source foods you will never find that it has meat from one animal e.g. lamb, and an oil from another e.g. fish. It would only ever be from the same protein source. That is why Laughing Dog can be beneficial for dogs with specific intolerances as by introducing what is known as an elimination diet, you can isolate protein sources, and can help to eliminate any foods which may cause a reaction in your dog.

When purchasing a complete dog food, you can be sure that your dog is getting all of the nutritional requirements it needs in terms of protein, fat, carbohydrate and fibre levels as well as the essential vitamins and minerals required (just like humans when we eat; we need a balanced diet). Sometimes, unless you know have all of the additional components, just feeding meat and biscuit can lead to an unbalanced diet for your dog. However, if you prefer to use a mixer and wet food and know that you are feeding your dog a balanced and nutritious diet, our range of baked mixer meals provide the perfect complement.

Our Traditional Mixer Meal has been endorsed by the Canine Epilepsy Support Group and is the perfect addition to their meal times.

While baking is a much slower and gentler method compared to most conventional high pressure cooking processes of making dog food (extruded dog food, for example, involves high temperatures as a result of high pressure and speeds), Laughing Dog firmly believes that baking is the best way to protect the natural goodness and taste of the wholesome ingredients it grows and sources itself on its family farm. Unlike most extruded food which is coated with oil to make it more palatable to your canine friends, baked food doesn’t need an unpleasant oily coating and we believe that slow baking our dog food is gentler on tummies and creates a crisp, crunchy kibble, which can help keep teeth clean and breath fresh.

The lowest phosphorous levels out of the protein sources we use are the Wonderfully Wheat Free Salmon and the Wonderfully Wheat Free Lamb Completes. These naturally have much lower phosphorous levels than other meats/fish. As an additional consideration, a lower fat food would normally be recommended for dogs with pancreatitis – the above products also provide the lowest fat content of our complete feeds range.

All of our Laughing Dog complete baked dog foods have good levels of protein which is beneficial for dogs who are active and use lots of energy. Our Gloriously Grain Free range contains the highest percentage levels; however, if you do not feel Grain Free is necessary then our Wonderfully Wheat Free range have sensible protein levels ranging between 23% - 25% and would also be suitable. We feel that the protein levels we have used for our products are suitable for those dogs whether active in work, rest or play.

Hypoallergenic food is food that is formulated for one of three reasons: to include a limited number of ingredients, to include new and novel ingredients which dogs may be less sensitive to, or as part of a prescription or veterinary diet. Dogs can suffer from allergies and intolerances to certain foods such as wheat, dairy, soya and even common meats such as beef. It is uncommon for dogs to naturally be allergic to these ingredients and is more often the result of their common use within many dog foods which dogs then become more frequently exposed to which causes these reactions. These allergies can not only cause problems internally, but also externally in the form of itchy skin and ears.

All of the Laughing Dog food range is hypoallergenic, with each ingredient being carefully selected for its specific benefit. Our range of complete foods contain no wheat, dairy or soya and the full range is made with GM free ingredients to ensure your dog stays dog happy, 100% of the time.

Laughing Dog food avoids corn and wheat and alternative meat proteins are used in our products; for example duck and venison, which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. By using single source meat proteins in our Wonderfully Wheat Free recipes it helps reduce the number of variables being added into the diet.

Many commercial dog foods are also rich in preservatives, food additives and other ingredients which can all impact on leading to allergic reactions. Laughing Dog food is highly digestible, contains low allergy proteins and is wheat gluten free. It also contains essential antioxidants such as vitamin C and E to maintain the health and vitality of the dog along with many more goodies to help your dog stay full of vitality.

Seafood diets can help with skin allergies – our Laughing Dog Wonderfully Wheat Free Salmon introduces rich Omega-3s and fatty acids into the diet. By using foods that your dog’s digestive system may not have experienced before and are less likely to produce a food based reaction or intolerance it can help eliminate the chance of allergies developing.

Should you wish to try a sample of any of our Laughing Dog complete baked dog foods before purchasing, just pop us an email to and we will pop one in the post for your four-legged friend to try.

With dogs diagnosed with diabetes it is important to feed them consistent meals at fixed intervals throughout the day. High protein foods with moderate fat and carbohydrate levels are key – ensuring the carbohydrates are low-glycaemic e.g. barley, oats or potato, so that they break down and release the energy more slowly, helping to stabilise blood sugar levels. Foods with good fibre levels can also help minimise blood sugar peaks and troughs after eating.

Laughing Dog’s Gloriously Grain Free dog food is higher in meat protein than the Wonderfully Wheat Free range and contains slow release sources of energy, which comes from the carbohydrate source of potato. It also has a good level of fibre to help reduce those blood sugar fluctuations after eating.

At the age of seven or above (or if you have a large breed dog or one which you feel puts a lot of strain on its joints you can always move onto it earlier), it’s recommended that a dog is moved onto a senior or mature product to ensure they are receiving the joint supplements frequently found in products specifically for older dogs, such as chondroitin and glucosamine. However, this is not always essential because, as with any animal, they are all different and some breeds may be more susceptible to joint problems than others. Many people are happy to continue feeding their dog adult food if they are enjoying and thriving on it. However, should you wish to move to a senior product, our Natural Complete Senior has been tailored specifically for mature dogs - containing a sensible protein level for older dogs, with a good fat and carbohydrate level along with added joint supplements and rosehip which is rich in Vitamin C to help support the immune system and joint health to keep your four-legged friends feeling full of vitality and 100% dog happy.

Here at Laughing Dog we recommend gradually moving your dog over from what you currently feed to one of our complete dog foods. Some dogs are more tolerant to change than others but as a guideline we would recommend that you start to mix in a small amount of Laughing Dog with your dog’s current food, then gradually increase it over the course of a week until you are feeding it 100% Laughing Dog.

All of our food comes with an on pack feeding guideline dependant on the size of your dog. This can vary dependant on age, breed and lifestyle of your dog so is merely to use as a guideline. You can also find this information on each of our product pages under the ‘feed guide’ tab.

Laughing Dog is baked slowly to form a crunchy, crisp kibble. As a result, dogs have to take more time to crunch its crispy form which not only slows them down when they are eating but also helps produce a scouring action to help keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy.


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