Caring for our more mature friends

As your four-legged friend gets older they can start to slow down, and they may want to do less exercise. Sometimes your dog will want more cuddles, will need to spend more time with you, or you may find they become anxious or change in nature.

As your dog’s body starts to slow down, it will use less energy, so they may put a little weight on. Their skin can become less elastic, their coat may lose its shine and grey hairs may start to become apparent in their appearance (we, of course, like to call this the ‘distinguised’ look!).

Sometimes during old age, dogs may become less efficient at remembering things; their sleep patterns may change and they may become restless at night, especially when the weather is warm.

As your dog gets older, it’s important to be aware of these changes but also to remember that even older dogs can lead a happy, active and loving life. Age is just a number as they say…

Feeding senior dogs

It is often recommended that feeding a senior diet is better when they get older as they are often lower in calories and can help reduce weight gain in senior dogs. Our slowly oven-baked wheat free turkey complete has been specifically formulated with our more mature friends in mind. Made with lean turkey and easily digestible sweet potato, our bakers have included glucosamine and chondroitin to help promote healthy cartilage in joints, as well as rosehip to give an extra vitamin C boost to support the immune system.

Visiting your vet

Dogs above seven are normally considered middle aged or ‘senior’ dogs, but this often depends on your four-legged friend’s breed, as larger breeds age faster. Being aware of the change in your dog will enable you to help them sooner, and your vet will be able to advise you on timings for regular vaccination boosters as well as flea and worming treatments too.

Exercise for the wise and wonderful

Exercise can be tailored to meet their needs and you can keep your four-legged friend’s mind stimulated with new activities and tricks, helping them to feel young and stimulated.

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