Keeping your four-legged friend happy and safe during fireworks…

As fun as fireworks can be for us humans, they can be an element of celebrations that are a little less fun for some four-legged friends. Here are our top tips to help keep your dogs calm during fireworks:



It is best to plan your walks for the morning to avoid taking your four legged friend outside during the loud bangs of the night.

Bare in mind that a tired dog is a calmer dog… keeping them busy with outside activities and long strolls during the day will help to ensure that they are ready to rest before the fireworks commence later in the evening.



“…try adding a blanket or a piece of your clothing with a familiar scent…”

Think about making your dog a den; it is important that they have a safe and comforting space. Making this before or just after noon gives your furry-friend time to get used to the area and make it their own. Ideally, this is a space where your four-legged friend is already naturally drawn to (for example, under the bed, in a corner of the room).

For optimised comfort and reassurance, try adding a blanket or a piece of your clothing with a familiar scent, as this gives furry-friends the feel of companionship.

You also might want to think about how you can mask the noises of the night. The familiar sounds of the telly or radio can help to drown-out the whizz and pop, helping to keep your dogs calm during fireworks.



It’s time for a treat! Spending the night in certainly doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Before the fireworks commence, bring your four-legged friend into your home and draw the curtains tight. Now it’s time to distract them with cuddles, games and even a treat or two…

Our Naturally Soothing Oven Baked Sleep Tight Treats, containing calming chamomile and ginger are perfect for helping to aid relaxation…

From all your outdoor activities throughout the day, your dog will be ready to settle down in their doggy den and will soon be snoozing the night away…!

Sleep Tight Night Time Dog Treats
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