Our guide hopes to help anyone looking for a dog-friendly day or stay in the UK!

Before choosing the destination for your dog-friendly day out, it is important to assess a number of factors. Firstly, your dog’s ability to travel. Motion sickness in dogs is a common problem for pet owners, which can affect your ability to go on an adventure further afield. With this in mind, many paw-parents may opt to stay more local and explore different areas of the UK within a 1-hour radius, for example.

You can check out some of our top tips for travelling with dogs in our blog which might help for those long journeys.

For dog owners whose pets are completely fine with travelling, you may be able to explore more far-flung areas of the UK, some great ideas include dog-friendly beaches, the Lake District, mountain trips or to countryside dog-friendly pubs.

The second aspect to bear in mind before picking your destination is where you will be staying. Is your trip short enough to return home the same day or do you need to stay overnight? You need to ensure that the premises are dog friendly and find out if you’d be able to leave your dog, should you need to go out separately to a location that isn’t dog friendly.

You may find that many self-catering facilities, for example cottages and cabins, will allow dogs but will not allow them to be left unattended. So, always be sure to factor this into your activities.

The third aspect to bear in mind is certainly the duration of your trip. Some dogs get homesick very quickly, if they are not used to being away. Even if they are with you, around familiar smells and people, the changes in the environment, especially after a long journey, can make even the most placid of dogs feel very anxious.

Doggy days out

Be sure to do your research before planning your doggy day out. If you are visiting a beach, for example, don’t forget to check the dog-friendly opening times of that beach, as many tourist beaches around the UK close to dogs during the summer season and the fines for visiting them during this period can be very steep.

Taking care of your dog in the summer

Most of us are likely to go on dog-friendly days out or holidays during the summer months while the sun and heat are at their peak. It is especially nice if we can get a summer glow without having to step foot on a plane! For a dog, however, the heat can be dangerous. When planning your dog-friendly trips, always be mindful of the amount of exposure to sun. Dogs are susceptible to heatstroke at temperatures above 19 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, pavements can also be too hot on their paws, causing severe burns. Also, you should also avoid taking you dog out in these high temperatures, even if the air feels cooler or there is a breeze. Even at 17 or 18 degrees Celsius, you should avoid the peak times between 11am and 3pm, just to ensure the health, safety and well-being of your dog.

If you are going for a dog-friendly day out and the temperature is higher than 19 degrees, just be mindful of tactics you can put in place to help reduce their exposure to the sun. For example, heading to the beach where they could swim in the sea, which will be significantly cooler, or heading to places with plenty of shade. Also, limit your dog walking and activity time, with plenty of breaks and cool drinks – certainly no mountain hikes in temperatures above 20 degrees for your pooch!

Top UK dog-friendly days out

Our team of dog lovers have put together a brilliant guide of their top-rated places to take your pooch for a fabulous dog-friendly day out in the UK.

Starting in position number one is the stunning pocket of Lincolnshire steeped with natural beauty, and only a stone’s throw from our own farm bakery here at Laughing Dog.

Hubbard’s Hill

A natural beauty just on our doorstep, Hubbard’s Hills is located in Louth, Lincolnshire. As Laughing Dog Food is based in the heart of the stunning Lincolnshire Wolds, our bakers love going to Hubbard’s Hills with their furry friends. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the hill and follow these all the way down to the stream at the bottom. A firm-favourite for our local dog walks!

Great Tew

Great Tew is a village situated in Great Oxfordshire. It’s a lovely old-time village to take your four-legged friend for a roam and sniff around… and you can even stop for a refreshing bowl of water at the local dog-friendly restaurant!

East Keal

East Keal is a little village located at the highest point of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Here, dog lovers will be treated to amazing views and good walks. There are plenty of fields for our bakers’ furry friends to run and play together.

Yorkshire Dales

We think you’d agree with our bakers that it’s impossible to talk about favourite dog walking spots without mentioning the Yorkshire Dales. With the area brimming with naturally beautiful scenery (from luscious valleys to run free in, hills with breath-taking views, to villages packed with lots of dog-friendly eateries … what more could a dog want?), our bakers think this is a great place to take your four-legged friends on an adventure.

Lepe Country Park

Lepe Country Park is situated within the New Forest National Park. With the park being on the shore and so many great picnic locations, our bakers say this is the ‘pawfect’ place to take your four-legged friend on a well-deserved doggy day out. Just remember to order the sunshine… (oh, who are we kidding…muddy puddles rule, right?).


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