This month we caught up with our friends at Floors for Paws. Specialising in safe wooden floors for your pets, Mo, the director of the company, is the proud owner of Bubba, a very well-behaved and fun-loving labrador (and of course chief tester of Mo’s luxury pet floors!). As a dog lover himself, Mo was keen to share his top tips for keeping dogs happy and healthy.

Making every day 100% dog happy….

For our four-legged friends, just like us, good health is the key to their happiness. Your dog’s happiness comes from your thoughtful and caring actions. Here are our 6 tips to keeping your dog healthy and happy:

Regular check ups with your vet can help detect any health problems early on, while they can still be treated. The same goes for vaccinations, which helps prevent from diseases. Our vets recommend a dog check up at least once a year when they are fully grown, and at least two times a year whilst they are still puppies.

Pet nutrition is a topic that has become popular with all our dog parents. It is important to choose a diet that your four-legged friend enjoys, that also contains good quality ingredients and enables your dog to receive all the nutrients and vitamins that they need in one meal. 

Exercise and training

For all our four-legged friends regular exercise and frequent interactions with you as a pet parent is very important. To train your dog to be well behaved around fifteen minutes of training a day is recommended, as well as half an hour of physical activity each day.

Dental care

Just like us, our four-legged friends’ teeth can have a build up of plaque, and ideally brushing your dog’s teeth daily would be the answer to solve this issue. However, if like most dogs they don’t like this then giving them a regular dental treat can help to keep their teeth clean and breath fresh.